Naturally, Tenderly Me

This has been a journey in which I am continuing to unfold.

I have been reminded by a few Esoteric Practitioners naming but two, Sara Williams and Natalie Benhayon, that I am naturally tender and that all I need to do is reconnect back to that tenderness and live with this connection every day.

Recently it has taken me by surprise to see and feel the level of tenderness I naturally am, as I have felt so very far from this for such a long time. Until the last few years I had lived a life of hardship in every sense, from day to day work to the simplest of tasks like food shopping. If there was a hard way to do something I would find it and that would be my way and, in that way I would moan and groan and feel sorry for myself, thinking and feeling that others always had it better off than me. Continue reading “Naturally, Tenderly Me”

I Don’t NEED a Man

Until recently I always thought I knew ‘I don’t need a man’, that I am complete without one and if people were to talk about women needing a man to be complete I would think how absurd it is to think that one does. I did not really see this as something for me to know or look into because I agree… one should not feel as if they are not complete without another.

On a personal level I could not stand ‘neediness’ anyway, it just did not make sense to need someone in that way and so if ever this topic was mentioned I thought, yes I already know about this and have always ‘known’ it… so I never gave any thought to it again.

WELL … Continue reading “I Don’t NEED a Man”

The Princess and the Pea – with Socks On

Do you remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? It is the one where the princess can feel a pea under her mattress. More and more mattresses are piled on top of it but she can still feel the pea. Most of us do not have royal status but it is interesting to ponder on our own human sensitivity and how we often override what we feel.

For example, how often do we put up with uncomfortable clothing because it is fashionable, looks good or is a particular colour? This can apply to any outfit ­– dresses, trousers, coats, even underwear, shoes and socks.  Continue reading “The Princess and the Pea – with Socks On”

It’s the little things – Breast Screening – Mammogram

Mammogram emerged in the mid 1960’s and by the late 1970s mammography was widely used, but had become a source of tremendous controversy. On the one hand, advocates of the technology enthusiastically touted its ability to detect smaller, more curable cancers. On the other hand, critics asked whether breast x-rays, particularly for women aged 50 and younger, actually caused more harm than benefit. Despite the publication of hundreds of research studies, this dispute about mammography persists.

I recently received a letter (and a small pile of explanatory leaflets) to invite me to go for breast screening – as this service is available every three years for women over 50, like me. On reading the letter I could feel the value of having regular screening as part of taking care of myself. Continue reading “It’s the little things – Breast Screening – Mammogram”

Dressing for Men or Living My Own Rhythm?

Yesterday morning I heard the chuckle of the kookaburras and the playful steps of my little niece on our timber floor. It was Saturday morning and I had begun my day with a warm shower. I prepared myself for the day by making a delicious salmon breakfast, gently doing my hair and sitting at my duchess, applying loving attention along with my make-up. I enjoyed ironing my beautiful red dress to wear for the day. I felt lovely and my day felt in rhythm. Continue reading “Dressing for Men or Living My Own Rhythm?”

2013 in review

A 2013 Annual Report for Women in Livingness

Women in Livingness was viewed approximately 96,000 times in 2013.

The most visited blog was Breast Massage and the Esoteric Breast Massage – An Open Approach – written back in 2012, and still generating a lot of interest and support for women online.

Viewers logged in from 128 different countries.

Women of the world, this is a blog for you – signalling a sea change in the online trend toward criticism, irresponsibility, blame and seeking outward – women sharing their return to and reclaiming of the TRUE WOMAN within.

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