No Children – I am No less of a Woman

A very normal and common question to ask a woman is whether she has children or not, especially on a first encounter this is something we tend to ask. The other day I was visiting a friend’s house and I met a man there who was house-sitting the house at the time, we started talking and quite soon in the conversation he asked me if I had children, “No” I replied, “I don’t”.

In the past I used to not leave it at ‘no’ because I always felt I had to explain myself as to why I don’t have children. I was always feeling uneasy and awkward with the silence that would follow my ‘no’ so I would fill that gap with just letting out words and explaining my situation. Continue reading “No Children – I am No less of a Woman”

Learning to Express Myself

What is it that gets in the way of me truly expressing myself?

  • Wanting to please other people and make sure that I act in a way that makes them feel reassured and accepted
  • Wanting to be the best, to be noticed or to be rewarded in some way for taking part…always after that A* prize of recognition
  • Fear/shame/embarrassment of not wanting to reveal myself as some kind of inept imposter
  • The ‘children should be seen and not heard’ mantra from childhood
  • Not wanting my expression to spiral into an uncomfortable emotional reaction, because I’ve been holding back for so long, and there is so much to say Continue reading “Learning to Express Myself”