The Awesome Foursome present in Melbourne

by Bianca Barban, Melbourne, Australia

At an Esoteric Women’s Group presentation earlier this month, the women of Melbourne were graced by a presentation on Women’s Health given by Sara Harris, Serryn O’Regan, Nina Stabey and Mary-Louise Myers. Each spoke with a strength and wisdom that was both very inspiring and deeply supportive, offering a reflection on how to take honouring ourselves to a deeper level.

Fertility is not just about getting Pregnant

Sara has worked for many years in clinical practice supporting women with specific Women’s Health issues and at the Women’s Group she presented a deeper understanding to the meaning of fertility. It was not a presentation that included the desperation some women feel when trying to get pregnant, but a powerful presentation that allowed us to feel how

  • Fertility is a wholeness, something that is part of a complete cycle
  • It cannot be isolated from every other part of our cycle
  • Fertility is part of our womanhood and way of being
  • It is not something to just focus on when trying to become pregnant
  • Or a focus to avoid becoming pregnant

Sara presented a lovely analogy of soil and a woman’s fertility: just like soil needs loving preparation to be “fertile” and supportive of growth, so too do our bodies need loving preparation and nurturing to support them to be fertile, and that this nurturing is tended to, the whole way through our cycle. This supported me to feel how our fertility is a constant part of our cycle, an opportunity to confirm who we are as women and deeply appreciate our divine preciousness. And so, our fertility is about our ability to grow and nurture, firstly ourselves and then others and not just something to focus on at individual moments in the cycle, when trying to avoid or become pregnant.

There was a consensus within the group that when growing up most of us knew little about fertility. If it was discussed it was in the realm of having a baby, rather than the true gift it brings of a new beginning every month. This was true for me, the first time I focused on my fertile cycle was when I wanted to get pregnant, but I also remember being in awe of the body and the possibilities it held.

Tracking the days of our menstrual cycle and getting to know our cycle deeply can be an amazing support and bring a deeper appreciation of who we are as women. Many women amongst the group were using the app Our Cycles Period and Full Moon Diary and loving it. This App has supported me to reflect on how I am feeling on a daily basis and consider how this might relate to my choices throughout the month.

Nutrition can be a huge support within our Menstrual Cycle

Nina presented nutritional information to support “Our Cycle of Honoring” – the 28 day menstrual cycle can be divided into 4 equal parts; each part can be viewed as a cycle within the menstrual cycle. I felt this was a lovely way to present the cycle. It supported me to feel the continuous cycle that we live in – that every moment supports the next and that nothing is isolated because we are in constant relationship with everything.

The Time for Cleansing and Rebuilding

Day 1 (the first day of bleeding) to Day 7 is a time for cleansing and rebuilding – “Our cervix is like a self cleaning oven” and these days support us to deeply cleanse any of our old, destructive behavioral patterns and thoughts (that we nominate in our clearing days 21-1) and make physical adjustments to deeply honour ourselves as women. We may notice for example that we feel to dress differently, rest more or exercise differently. The role of food in this time is to build and or confirm the body, foods that help to build the vitality of the body and blood. I have noticed at this time I feel like eating red meat and that it feels very supportive in my body.

The Space for New Foundations

Day 7-14 is a time to review how our cycle was this month and to create a new foundation to the way we live. Paying close attention to how we feel on Day 8-9 often reveals how we have lived, for example, we may feel how tired we are and how we coped during the last cycle. It is a wonderful gauge of our vitality. The focus of food was on regenerating foods, for example, utilizing meats, fresh herbs and nutrient dense foods like sea vegetables and avocados.

A Time for Deeper Understanding and Appreciation

Day 14-21. The focus is on confirmation. Acknowledging that we have cleansed and created a new foundation, it is now an opportunity for us to be honest about where we are at and bring loving understanding to ourselves. Physically it is a time with less symptoms, a time where we may be feeling more confident and open. Food focus is on foods that confirm these feelings in our body; we were encouraged to feel what these were for us.

Tenderness and Reflection

Day 21-28 is a time to reflect on how we have lived the previous 3 cycles. Often physical symptoms that may be experienced in this lead up to bleeding time can offer us the opportunity to be honest about the way we have lived in those preceding cycles and allow us to feel why we may be having each particular symptom. The focus on these last days of our cycle is on foods that will support the body towards cleansing. In this time we can be super tender and honouring of ourselves.

Honouring ourselves as Women

Serryn’s presentation focused on how she honours herself and brings her sacredness to every aspect of her life including her role as a corporate lawyer. “As women we are sacred – we know this very deeply but we focus on what we do instead of who we are.”

If we connect with our preciousness and honour ourselves in every moment, the work (or anything we do) will be imprinted by that quality; people will get the fullness of you. Serryn spoke about how she worked before this deep honoring of her preciousness, compared to how she works now. The love, fullness and joy Serryn brings to her work now is palpable. In the past she was task oriented but now, work is all about people. Serryn’s commitment to herself and humanity was very inspiring.

What does Self-honouring look like?

Mary-Louise introduced a new Esoteric Woman’s Health Programme: A 12 session programme including the modalities of the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), Esoteric Arm or Back Massage and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. This programme is completed over 3, 6 or 12 months with an EBM practitioner and is an amazing opportunity for deep healing.

It was acknowledged how far so many women had come through the support of the EBM, EWH and the Esoteric Women’s Groups and Presentations and their own commitment to bringing more love, nurturing and honouring to themselves as women. We saw some before and after photos of women and the changes in them, brought about by this commitment, they were amazing.

The importance of confirming where we are at and appreciating what we have healed was discussed and Mary-Louise proposed a beautiful question…. “Could we take our self honoring to a deeper level?” The answer from my body was a resounding YES.

Mary-Louise gave some examples from clinical practice and one resonated deeply with me. She spoke about how a woman did not feel her amazing love while she was in a session, but was focused instead on ‘what was not her’. This was GOLD… I could relate to this, how often had I felt the loveliness of me, the deep love that I am, but allowed myself to become distracted by the fact that I was feeling pain or that I needed to heal my issues and therefore missing the opportunity to just appreciate the gift of feeling the love I truly am?

Further reflection of this day has left me pondering how often I choose to focus on ‘what is not me’ – wow it is a lot! I realised I still have this programme of perfection running that says, “sure you are love, this can’t be denied, but first you need to fix everything and then you get to live as the amazing love filled woman you are”. This is pure illusion because I will never be perfect and there will always be issues to look at as I unfold. So, if I choose to follow this ingrained pattern I will never get to live the full me, because by allowing it, I am living in separation to the wholeness that supports me to live all of me in every moment. The beautiful, still, super-precious being I am and have tangibly felt on many occasions, has always been there just waiting patiently to become the focus. I can feel how my cycle would be different and my life be different if I made the focus on being this love… all of the time.

I know this sounds simple but when you feel something deeply in your body it is profound. It is an absolute truth that I AM LOVE and all the other stuff is not me; yes it needs to be looked at, but if it becomes the focus it is like I am rejecting the love I naturally am. It is time to take this knowing to a deeper level and celebrate the joy of living all of me in every moment, and the way this is done is just bringing my presence to every moment and the rest will unfold.

Heartfelt appreciation to the awesome foursome, it was a truly beautiful day, very inspiring and supportive, leaving all the gorgeous women in attendance much to ponder on – and a foundation from which to take our experience of love to a deeper level.

The wisdom and support I have received from these esoteric modalities and presentations has been immense and allowed me to bring a deeper clarity and honouring to how I am living. I feel deep appreciation for the Esoteric Women’s Health practitioners, the Esoteric Women’s Groups and the Esoteric Women’s Presentations by Natalie Benhayon.

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239 thoughts on “The Awesome Foursome present in Melbourne

  1. Thanks Bianca I haven’t seen information like this on the mini 7 day cycles within the menstrual cycle before, something for me to look at. Your words about the love and wholeness we are not being our focus really touched me, that we keep putting off living it because somehow we need to fix ourselves up first, when it’s actually untouched within us waiting to be reconnected to.

  2. ““As women we are sacred – we know this very deeply but we focus on what we do instead of who we are.”” This is sadly true for so many of us. Accepting and appreciating who we are can support us to change that focus to know our essential beauty and sacredness regardless of what we ‘do’.

  3. It’s been a real blessing to have EWH in my life. It’s helped break down a lot of ideals, beliefs and taboos that simply had me rejecting I was a woman at all. I really enjoy my periods these days and feel more content being a women then I ever have.

  4. I cannot put in words how much I adore this blog, it is so simple but so informative. My relationship with my cycle has deepened tremendously as a result of reading and re-reading. Thank you for writing Bianca.

  5. At the moment, I am in the fourth week of my cycle. I can feel exactly what you’ve shared here – my body is very sensitive and I am very aware. I can read situations and am actually very curious to to understand life though understanding energy. It is incredible how we can read a situation without needing somebody to tell us what happened, we can look at people and know exactly their intention. In the past, when not having had this awareness, I would have reacted very differently to what is going on around me, but having this awareness and knowing what is playing out is not just physical is such an incredible leg to stand on to deal with it.

  6. How amazing is it to have a cycle which keeps repeating, an opportunity to go deeper every month – learn more, discard more & love more! Oh how amazing is the female cycle.

  7. This is definitely a go-to kind of blog, to remember and reconnect to what is shared during the different period of your cycle. Get a stronger understanding and learn more about ourselves.

  8. This blog has been such a cornerstone to my relationship with my period, helping me get a deeper understanding of the different stages and connect with the various changes that occur in my body. Thank you for writing it Bianca, it has been very helpful.

  9. I have heard it so many times and only recently it started to ring some bells for me, that there is a preciousness inside – first and foremost. When you begin to feel that, your whole perspective on life changes and how you see your “issues” does too.

  10. Both men and women could learn so much from being more connected to their bodies and the natural cycles that are present within and outside of our bodies.

  11. Choosing to let go of ‘what is not me’ leaves space to appreciate that love that I am. Definitely still a work in progress for me but it is the support of women like this awesome foursome that have encouraged me to explore the love that I am and reflect that to others and let go of the baggage that has held me back for so long. As women we can do so much to support each other to celebrate ourselves and inspire others.

  12. Simply being aware that every moment has an impact on the next is supporting me to look more closely and ponder on the way I choose to live and what living in cycles actually means eg. a twenty four hour cycle and the changes needed that support me to live the natural vitality in and from moment to moment.

    1. So true and how each moment builds on the last and thus the choices we make support or sabotage us as we move through our day.

  13. Through being honest as to where we are at and becoming more aware of the ill-choices we are making on a daily basis, we then give ourselves an offering to go deeper in the relationship to ourselves. By clocking the ill-movements we give ourselves the opportunity to let them go.

  14. Fertility is a big topic and meeting some women who are trying for years to get pregnant really showed me how much of a focus it can become that actually totally governs their life. Everywhere they go they talk about it and there are pills to make you more fertile now as well. Yet this simple presentation says it all, we need to live in a way, that is in a quality that is deeply nurturing so our body can be fertile. This is with our food, drink and exercise but also very much in how we are with ourselves every day. Do we love ourselves deeply, do we honour what we feel, do we hold ourselves tenderly and so on.

  15. Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way, this is so true and would so benefit women who are choosing to have a baby, ‘our fertility is a constant part of our cycle, an opportunity to confirm who we are as women and deeply appreciate our divine preciousness. And so, our fertility is about our ability to grow and nurture, firstly ourselves and then others’.

  16. Reading your blog Bianca, what hit me like a ton of bricks was just how much I indulge in focusing on ‘what is not me’, this is a crazy way to exist whereas, by simply connecting with my inner heart, which is the true me, I have the universe at my fingertips, so to speak.

    1. There doesn’t seem to be anything anywhere that encourages us to focus on who you are and form a relationship with that. Esoteric Women’s Health and Universal Medicine have supported me so much in this regard, and to learn to not just feel my inner qualities but appreciate them, and to keep allowing what’s inside to come out and be expressed. Thanks Elizabeth for your comment, I can relate, and loved the bit about the universe at your finger tips!

  17. Our bodies do need us to live in a way that is loving and nurturing with them, and this will support us to be fertile, ‘This supported me to feel how our fertility is a constant part of our cycle, an opportunity to confirm who we are as women and deeply appreciate our divine preciousness.’

  18. Thanks Bianca, I always love what you share, this blog is so supportive and inspirational.

  19. As women we find it really easy to focus on ‘whats not us’ its so common, when someone focuses on their true qualities it is super inspiring and refreshing – this is how we all need to live – in the absolute glory of ourselves.

  20. “Further reflection of this day has left me pondering how often I choose to focus on ‘what is not me’ – wow it is a lot”… I wonder if our focus and what we choose to focus on has a much more prominent effect on our lives than we realise. Could our focus change our whole day, and from that change the whole course of our lives?

  21. It is natural as we evolve that we will have moments that will try to knock us off or out from feeling the love that we are but these moments are not to be overlooked or overrode because in these moments we are being offered great learning to deepen the love within ourselves to live in our day.

  22. When it comes to fertility, we are really only taught about ovulation for the sake of trying to get pregnant or avoid it. The description of fertility as a part of a complete cycle feels much more honouring of the woman’s cycle and what it means to her well beyond pregnancy.

  23. ‘First you need to fix everything and THEN you can live as the amazing woman that you are’.. focusing on the stuff that’s going well and that is amazing about us inspires me to keep looking and building on that, whereas focusing on everything I’m not doing well, need to work on or am ‘not there yet’ with, keeps me small and distracted, in my head and cut off from everyone and everything around me.

  24. We often have a standard reaction when we hear the word fertility. I know I used to think baby making. This is an element but it means so much more. I plan to grow old with Grace, keeping my fertility alive and well. I will nurture live life in full and celebrate myself and others. There is an abundance in life when approach it from a nurturing intention this is ageless.

  25. I loved reading this – super interesting for me a man to appreciate more of the magic in women’s cycles.

  26. A deeply inspiring blog to read. These presenters have offered a priceless foundation for women to be more aware of their bodies and to honour themselves and the cycles we live in, from a real and practical way of their own lived experience.

  27. Thanks Bianca this is super supportive with lots of great detail in the how to of taking deeper care of ourselves but what I connected with particularly this morning is how much time I have spent in the past mired in the bits that I was not getting right rather than appreciating the huge changes I have made and the expansion that this has allowed.

    1. I’m learning at the moment Helen that the bits I’m not getting right are the bits I’m just learning to get right, and they are the potential of my beauty unfolding. Appreciating my life where it is has been super supportive knowing that everything is going to grow and expand, even the so called good parts, so accepting and understanding the big picture, and allowing myself space to grow with exactly how I am has been a very self loving and ongoing learning. It helps cut the perfectionism and ideals of how we should be.

  28. “As women we are sacred – we know this very deeply but we focus on what we do instead of who we are.” And we diminish our awareness of our sacredness when we focus on the ‘stuff’ we have taken on instead of appreciating the naturally beautiful woman we are.

  29. How can we put ourselves down and compare ourselves to another especially a woman? I have done this and it exposes the lack of acceptance and love for myself. Another may be further ahead in their love they have for themselves and others and equally so may not hold as much love for themselves and others but nothing can take away the truth of who we are… the love that is our essence that is equally within us all.

  30. Fertility is so much more than just conceiving babies, I love babies I have been pregnant and it felt amazing, however, I continue to be fertile because of how I live, because certainly have no plans to make any more babies and when I am old and have had the menopause, goes what….I will still feel fertile, it is state of caring and being with yourself not just a biological function. These presentations and blogs are inspiring to read and really get me pondering my life and how humanity functions.

  31. I have read this blog a number of times now Bianca and every time I get something new from it, there is so much Gold in the blog every paragraph offers much wisdom.

  32. “It is time to take this knowing to a deeper level and celebrate the joy of living all of me in every moment, and the way this is done is just bringing my presence to every moment and the rest will unfold.” – YES. It’s not about fixing what isn’t right, and focussing on the things we want to improve or stop – it is about bringing our focus back to the appreciation of who we are, the fact that within this precious body of ours is a being capable of endless love. Bring our focus to that and let everything else unfold.

  33. The is brilliant Bianca, inspiring and hugely educational. There are so many gems here – that it’s actually hard to pick even one… But what is deeply felt is the celebration of Woman, in her fullness and wholeness, and how cherished and honoured we need to be – of and for ourselves. Thank you.

  34. I would highly recommend that every woman view the latest CoUM course when it is available; Being a Women in the World Part 2, Cycles of Menopause and Menstruation It smashes all misconceptions about both cycles and introduces what is available to us in truth when we embrace and live by our cycles.

  35. Thank you Bianca, this was a great summary of what was presented that day. I know because I was there and it was the first time I had visited Melbourne for years. It was indeed an awesome presentation. One that truly inspired me to take all of me everywhere I went.

  36. The fact is there is no such thing as perfection. Seeking perfection is a deliberate choice we create to not live the love we naturally are. I’m not perfect, I’m going to make mistakes but that cannot ever put out my light. Accepting where I’m at is supporting me immensely to not indulge in the what is not. No matter what is said or done today to try and put me down I cannot go there. I feel it but my choice is to be with me because I can feel my sense of worth.

  37. It so important that we appreciate, value and confirm our self not only for what we do but for the quality we choose to be in when we do what we do. We then build a strong foundation of worth and when we are challenged or stuff comes up, we able to keep it in perspective and deal with it easily.

  38. Nina’s presentation on the 4 components of our monthly cycle is revelatory – having an outline for what is optimum each week is super-helpful and very supportive. There is a supremely beautiful feeling too in considering how we are part of a very natural cycle, and cycles within cycles, aligning us with the movement of the sun, moon, days, seasons and so on. It’s divine to consider the part we each play in the ebb and flow of life.

  39. Beautiful summary Bianca of what was a magnificent day. There is absolute gold here, for all girls and women, to be widely shared. I particularly resonated with Serryn’s call to connect deeply with our sacredness, rather than with what we do. Bringing that understanding and connection to the fore changes everything… We need to live with the knowingness of our sacredness as a matter or urgency.

  40. It makes a lot of sense to not isolate fertilely to just trying to get pregnant or not gat pregnant. Why would something like that happen every month if it didn’t serve another purpose? The presentation you attended sounded amazing, beautiful to read your enthusiasm, passion and voice when it comes to a monthly nurturing plan.

  41. This was an awesome presentation, so many gold nuggets, well worth reading and gaining the wisdom the presenters are offering.

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