Very Early Signs of Pregnancy: My Breasts Told Me I Was Pregnant (Twice!)

I have been pregnant twice in my life and both times the first very early sign of these pregnancies came from my breasts.

My First Pregnancy (2007)

In my first pregnancy I knew I was pregnant a few days after conception:

  • My breasts had grown larger, were more full and were very tender.
  • They became so tender and the nipples so sensitive that wearing a bra was painful and not wearing a bra was painful.
  • Having the shower water run over my nipples was almost unbearable.
  • Lying on my stomach was not an option as any sort of pressure on my breasts was just not tolerable.
  • Wearing tops over my bare breasts was difficult. The tops had to be very fitted so there was no movement across my nipples, as any friction from the material was excruciating.
  • I also noticed that the veins in my breasts had become more prominent, my nipples had become larger and had darkened in colour. 

My Second Pregnancy (Current)

With my second pregnancy my breasts told me I was pregnant the day after conception:

  • They became very tender and full.
  • They were again painful to lie on but not overwhelming so.
  • This time my nipples weren’t as sensitive so the shower water running over them was not an issue.
  • Wearing a bra was mildly uncomfortable and not wearing a bra was the same.

The tenderness and discomfort only lasted a week whereas during my first pregnancy the intensity of these symptoms lasted much longer.

The messages my breasts have relayed about being pregnant have been similar during the early stages of both pregnancies, but the intensity of the signs has been very different.

It has been 6 years since I was last pregnant and I have changed a lot.

During this time I have opened up more to ‘being’ a woman rather than ‘acting’ like one.

When I am ‘acting’ like a woman I feel I am just going through the motions of how I ‘think’ a woman would behave – such as rubbing cream into my body to moisturise.

I sit down to rub the cream into my legs and just ‘get the job done’. Even though this could be said to be a very loving act to spend this time on myself and to care for my body in this way, I do not do it from a tender and loving energy or intention – there is an emptiness in what I am doing, as I am executing the action from my head and ‘thinking’ about it and it becomes an automated and disconnected action.

When I am ‘being’ a woman I am coming from a connection deep within me and not from my head ‘thinking’. The action comes from within, from the tenderness and delicateness I am. So when I sit down to place cream on my body I feel the tenderness flow through my hands – it flows from the connection I can feel with myself. I feel connected to my body and the action of my hands running over my body is fluid, tender and nurturing. There is a fullness to what I am doing, as what I am doing is ‘full of me’. It is not a ‘thought’, it is an ‘experience’ that involves all my senses as all that I am doing in that moment is full of a deep connection to me as the truly gorgeous woman I am.

A simpler way to describe this is – I am fully present in that moment with what I am doing.

This can also flow through to all other areas of my life as a woman – from the washing… to working… to caring for my family… and beyond. As long as I am living from within me and expressing from within, my day flows and I don’t have to ‘think’ about how everything is going to get done as I am ‘being’ present while completing every task.

Sometimes I write myself a list if there is a lot to be done and I then go through the day feeling what is required to be done and in what order, rather than calculating it all out so ‘it makes sense’ on paper. Sometimes there is no list and I am just greeted with the next thing I am due to complete in that moment.

It is amazing how much gets done when I am ‘being’ rather than ‘acting’.

It is also amazing that at the end of the day whatever has been done feels like it is enough and the day feels complete whether all tasks have been done or not because of the quality that all was done in.

I find that when I am ‘acting’ I work really hard at getting things done and I feel this ‘push’ to achieve and tick off all the items on my list (it feels like I am in some kind of race against time but I am not sure what the prize is at the end – exhaustion maybe?!). Interestingly, at the end of a day like this, even with everything on my list ticked off I still feel incomplete within myself. Could it be that in order to get everything done I had left myself behind, so the quality in which all was done was very much lacking any type of true substance as I was not present for it?

Over the last 6 years I have become aware of so much in terms of ‘being’ a real woman.

I am embracing what I am feeling a true woman to be – still within, delicate, tender, honouring, playful, graceful, loving, nurturing, mature, sensitive, natural, fragile… wise.

The Universal Medicine modalities of Esoteric Breast Massage, Specialised Women’s Massage, Esoteric Ovary Massage and the Esoteric Women’s Presentations have supported me in my re-connection to the woman within me. With practice I am allowing myself to begin to truly live as a woman – by bringing the qualities I have connected to within into my everyday life.

My breasts are a living testament of this fact: from the difference in the very early signs from my breasts telling me I was pregnant the first time to telling me the second time is a confirmation of how much I have allowed myself to open up and live as a real and true Woman.

by Robyn Jones

176 thoughts on “Very Early Signs of Pregnancy: My Breasts Told Me I Was Pregnant (Twice!)

  1. Great point you have made Robyn about the being a woman and not the ‘acting’ as a woman… We can get stuck in playing roles which in the end serve no one, but when we can live who we are then this makes the difference.

  2. Our body is wonderful at reminding us to be as tender with ourselves as we are with the developing baby that we are carrying within us.

  3. When we’re in the doing of life and just getting stuff done, without bringing our full awareness into what we do, it’s like we’re going through the motions of life but with no joy or vitality. When we’re feeling connected to our body, as in aware and awake of what we’re doing, fully present and in the moment, we naturally start looking after the body and taking care of it- and feel more vital and more alive. Life starts to become something to enjoy and not a slog to get through.

  4. Absolutely as would many other devices that we use to confirm things that if we were truly connected to our bodies we would not need to check. For now they are obviously crucial but the more people connect to their bodies the more they will build a relationship with it and become responsive to the messages constantly being communicated.

  5. I love how you describe being consciously present with whatever you are doing as being ‘full of me’ as it is such a contrast to the feeling of emptiness when we lose ourselves in just getting through our ‘to do’ list. Recently I have been approaching my days at work like this and have been so much more productive and feeling more connected to myself and other people and much less exhausted despite getting more achieved.

  6. Firstly it’s beautiful to become aware of how our body communicates with us be it through pains and aches etc or rashes, pimples, tiredness and so on. And then secondly it’s beautiful to start to experiment with how we are living and observe how our body responds to that.

  7. “Could it be that in order to get everything done I had left myself behind, so the quality in which all was done was very much lacking any type of true substance as I was not present for it?” and herein lies the predicament of our time.

  8. Being fully present and connected with our body allows us to honour what it is sharing, ‘When I am ‘being’ a woman I am coming from a connection deep within me and not from my head ‘thinking’. The action comes from within, from the tenderness and delicateness I am.’

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