Being 60: A Mature Woman in the World

AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE - Ariana Ray - Age 60 (June 2013)
AFTER Universal Medicine
Ariana Ray – Age 60 (June 2013)

I am 60 years old this month and it feels great.

For a long time I didn’t want anyone to know how old I was. When I was younger being 60 and a woman meant you had grey hair, you were one of the ‘unseen’ women in the world who we knew were there but were ‘all washed up’, ‘given up and done with’. It’s dread-full that so many older women shut themselves down in this way when there is so much potential. I recall as a child the odd one or two old women who stood out – this was because they were loud, angry and demanding, and fighting for some cause or other or selling retirement insurance; either way role models that did not have a way of being that made you feel, ‘yes, I want to be that’. Being 60 was never something to aspire to but instead dread.

AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray - Age 60 (June 2013)
AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray – Age 60 (June 2013)

I have a feeling that I am an extraordinary woman.

I have the true vitality of a woman half my age. I get up most days at 4am, I work on projects I’m involved with and then go to my paid work from 8am until 6.30pm, sometimes I finish at 7 or 8pm. I don’t drink coffee or tea, I don’t snack on sugar, cakes, crisps or chocolate to get me through the day, I don’t need a glass or a bottle of wine at the end of the day – none of the usual supports that are sought after to cope with work are a part of my life.

I’m sometimes stopped in my tracks by my amazingness, catching myself in the mirror or simply feeling how it is to be with me. I love how I am learning to be honest with myself and how I love to expose what isn’t me, what patterns of behaviour keep me from being connected with my inner-most. Yes it’s uncomfortable to do that but I celebrate how much more me I feel when I can let go of the control of those patterns.

When I first came across Universal Medicine 8 years ago in 2005 at the age of 52, for me it was all about healing all the things I’d let in that were not me at all. Now I recognise it is all about accepting the living beauty I am and in-truth was all of the time, I’d just not allowed myself to feel it before, not let myself be me.

Now I treasure being with me.

For me, every photo of me at 33 shows how much I was ‘given-up’ and I looked older at 45 than I do now, how is that possible? The changes I have made in my life make this possible. Such as accepting that all the anger I held against everyone in the world was actually anger at me and the choices I had made, I was just scapegoating the world in fury at my own choices.

BEFORE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray -  Age 51 (2004)
BEFORE Universal Medicine
Ariana Ray – Age 51 (2004)

BEFORE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray -  Age 52 (2005)
Ariana Ray
Age 52 (2005)

For example, I chose to let go of my deep self-loathing, recognising that it was a choice to self-loath and a choice not to, just as much as it was a choice to accept my-self and a choice not to, a choice to be this gorgeous woman that I am or a choice not to. To say to my-self in regard to ‘my patterns’ – “I am NOT accepting that in my life anymore, it’s NOT acceptable!”.

The recognition of the power of choice

and how power-full we really are to make these choices

– has transformed my life. I have used tools such as these that I have learned with Universal Medicine to change my life. Before I was bitter, hard and angry, now I breathe my own gentle breath. I have developed a rhythm in the way I live – a way of living that is very strong and it supports me to live my way and to be a true support for others as a result.

I love to walk as the gorgeous woman I am, to walk down the street with a gentle sway in my hips, gentle move of my shoulders and my head straight – I have a feeling that I am re-imprinting what it is to be a 60 year old woman.

It is gorgeous to be me at this glorious age of 60 and I would not trade it in for anything the world has to offer, nothing it offers could be as great as how I feel living me.

Ariana Ray - Before Universal Medicine - Age 51 (2004)
BEFORE Universal Medicine
Ariana Ray
Age 51 (2004)

AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray - Age 60 (June 2013)
AFTER Universal Medicine
Ariana Ray
Age 60 (June 2013)

My beingness is inspired by the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

296 thoughts on “Being 60: A Mature Woman in the World

  1. The difference of your ‘before and after’ picture Ariana, are two worlds apart. You look a different person, you feel a different person, but you are the same person having made some different loving choices. Pretty inspiring.

  2. The aliveness and Soulfulness felt through your photos is very palpable Ariana. I deeply appreciate all that you have shared and live as a role model and an inspiration of how it is very possible to live as a woman in our society in connection to who we are, to live with power, be in awe with who we are, life and all there is to explore and deepen in love for yourself with the will to continue deepening, growing and evolving regardless of our age. A powerful reflection of how true beauty and power is live from the inside out and is never measured by the age of our body.

  3. The changes within you Ariana are profound and most likely undervalued by society in general. You are the living breathing proof of how you can deal with self worth, self loathing, smoking, weight issues, doubt, a overall misery in life. All of which are conditions many of us are plagued by.

  4. I don’t recall many older female role models that made me want to be older either. I remember wondering why so many of them dressed and styled their hair the same. The ladies who still had longer hair and a bun really stood out and seemed to have a twinkle in their eye. The other person who stood out was one of my grandmas. She wasn’t perfect, but she was playful and cheeky, which I didn’t see in many older women. Now in Universal Medicine students, I know women in their 70s and 80s who are gorgeous and ‘alive’, still completely engaged in life and learning new things.

  5. I love how you claim yourself as ‘A Mature Woman in the World’ – when we are young we crave the kudos that maturity brings but as we age it is more usual to reject those connotations and chase the picture of staying ‘youthful’. It is crucial that we have gorgeous ladies like you reflecting that there is most definitely another way and you are reflecting this in every glorious step.

  6. The power of our own choice, and to be aware of what we’re choosing and why, is huge and extremely under estimated. We have the power to turn our lives around – and this blog shows that it can absolutely be done, with the willingness and commitment to look at and be honest about our choices, moment to moment.

    1. In each and every moment we are aligned to one of two consciousnesses, either the pure unadulterated consciousness of God or the warped version that has us all focusing on who we are not as opposed to who we all are. It is our bodies that align to each consciousness, e.g every time we enter into emotion we are aligned to a consciousness that is not us and every time we re-connect to our bodies we align to the consciousness of God. This is why our bodies are so incredibly important in supporting us to know who we all truly are because what we do with them, how we do what we do and what we experience with them determines the outcome of our alignment.

  7. EVERYONE of us has a gorgeous, amazing, delicious, spunky, all knowing part of us that is naturally vivacious and alive. To access it we simply discard the layers of things we have put on top of it thinking it is who we are but not realising that that is a complete lie.

  8. The before and after pictures say so much, it is very clear the choices you are now making are a true support of you and your body, very inspiring .

    1. Absolutely it is hard to believe they are the same woman and it just goes to show that it is never too late to make loving changes.

  9. Gorgeous to read how you now appreciate and celebrate yourself, ‘ I recognise it is all about accepting the living beauty I am and in-truth was all of the time, I’d just not allowed myself to feel it before, not let myself be me.’

  10. ‘The recognition of the power of choice.’ We always have a choice, tho we may not feel that we do at the time. Learning more and more about energy has really empowered me to know this to be true. If my head and body are disconnected then my choice will be different to when I’m fully together and in a flow.

    1. This is so unheard of with many women moving into their elder years. To embrace the woman and not the age is what shows the sparkle in the photos! Thank you for inspiring so many Ariana!

  11. Amazing transformation, well no so much a transformation but a letting go of all that was not you to allow the true you to be lived and shine out.

  12. I’m with you Ariana, I’m 60 now and never did I feel such an enjoyment at being me as I do right now. This is most definitely, the best time of my life.

  13. Appreciating the power to chose to be who you truly are and be free of all the impositions of who or what you thought you should be is to find your way back to The Way of The Livingness.

  14. And as the years go by, as they have since you wrote this blog Arianna, you just keep getting more beautiful, more vital and more you every day. I cannot believe those ‘before photo’s are you even though I know they are!

  15. When we have that solidness of knowing who we are from our innate inner knowing and no other external prop, accolade or achievement, we move in a way that constantly confirms and accepts ourselves as the divinely gorgeous women that we are and become great reflectors for other women.

  16. Totally inspiring Ariana and having recently turned 60 I am celebrating too; not just the daily choices I make in deeply caring for myself but also appreciating all the changes I have made and the disregarding patterns that I have let go of.

  17. More than anything Arianna it’s the self love and cuteness of who you truly are shining out of your ‘after Universal Medicine’ photos that really tell the story of what true change means – it means returning to the true person within and letting that out.

  18. I loved reading your inspiring blog Ariana, and the changes in the photos are just amazing, you are so worth celebrating in claiming your absolute gorgeousness, as we all are.

  19. Beautiful blog Ariana, when we accept ourselves in our fullness and truly look after ourselves, we start to look and feel younger.

  20. Beautiful Ariana, and I mean that in both ways . . . you are beautiful and it is beautiful what you have expressed here. Life starts when we are prepared to face our choices and get back to being ourselves. Well done you are so worth celebrating!

  21. The contrast in the pictures is truly amazing and such an inspiration. Ariana, you look older in your 50’s than in your 60’s, A true miracle and just shows how much we can change by recognising self loathing and start to honour the sacredness that lies within, and what it means to be a woman, especially in our later years. What you show is that what ever age we are it is never too late to make changes in our lives that improve our vitality health and wellbeing.

  22. I am so grateful that I have true role models in my life, women that make me feel at ease about ageing without being afraid of becoming irrelevant. You are braking the moulds, its a true miracle here, it is something to be celebrated and from the sounds of this blog, it seems like you are celebrating yourself, everyday, every step.

    1. Great comment Sarah Karam, for no woman is irrelevant, but all women need to be honoured for their sacredness within, and this honouring starts with ourselves and our saying no to abuse in our lives in any form. Celebrating ourselves and every women we meet is our everyday thing and we can just do our thing!.

    2. When ageing is synonymous with evolving then it’s an absolute joy, it truly is because it’s pure expansion and in that expansion there is more love, more joy, more stillness, more appreciation, more truth and more harmony. Good grief put like that who wouldn’t want to get older?

  23. I am getting close to 60 now and I am working 70-80 hours a week and have a wonderful time doing so. The difference to my younger self is that I feel much better, I need to use glasses and my future time horizon is reducing – instead of working another 30, 40 or 50 years it will probably be less than 30 years which is still plenty of time.

  24. Definitely worth celebrating, an inspiration for all, ‘I love how I am learning to be honest with myself and how I love to expose what isn’t me, what patterns of behaviour keep me from being connected with my inner-most.’

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