Rediscovering Tenderness Post Breast Cancer – Inspired by the Esoteric Breast Massage

by Judith McIntyre, Myocum, NSW, Australia

I heard about Esoteric Breast Massage after having breast cancer and consequently a mastectomy. Another woman who also had a mastectomy recommended it to me. She said the side of her chest that had surgery particularly responded to the tenderness that she experienced in the session. I was very curious.

The medical treatment that I had included three surgeries, the third being the mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and also hormone treatment. The surgery and radiotherapy to my chest left both visible changes and many invisible memories. None of these life saving treatments could have remotely been described as tender. Now there was no breast on the left side, only a scarred flat chest with almost all flesh below the skin pared to the bone. I could slip my fingers into the depressions between my ribs and feel my heart beating like a captured bird.

After my mastectomy I had been encouraged to massage my scar with cream to assist healing. I initially used the pharmacy product provided by the hospital. Later, with the approval from a nurse at the hospital I changed to esoteric breast massage cream, just as an experiment. Immediately I preferred it. It was fragrant and had a delicate texture. It seemed like a little pot of love and I applied it daily with gratitude for the surgical removal of the cancer and the opportunity to live life differently.

I was well aware that my flat chest could be a painful reminder of…

  • the cutting and burning
  • the fear and loss
  • the feeling less womanly
  • the feeling deformed
  • a reason for reconstruction which would mean more surgery
  • the possibility of recurrence

One woman called it a hideous experience and she meant it to show understanding of what I had been through.

So I chose very deliberately to give myself an experience of love and tenderness every day as I spread the exquisite cream over my left chest wall. I also smoothed the cream over my beautiful whole right breast with an appreciation for its survival, for its continued presence in my life.

This has become a continuing daily practise in which I feel I am honouring what I have lost and what I have gained. What I have gained is a different relationship to my body as I connect with it each day in this ritual – and also a different and surprisingly light-hearted relationship to other bodies.

For some time after my surgery I gazed at other women’s cleavage with delight and amazement. They still had two breasts, how wonderful! How wonderful, how delightful breasts are. And when I was hugged by women with larger breasts I really enjoyed the pillowy comfort. I always loved my breasts but it was a casual affection compared to the deep appreciation I now have for my chest and breast, and by extension to all the varied breasts of all the women in the world. I am so glad to be alive in a world where breasts not only exist, but abound.

I feel it is because I had a profound sense of support from Serge Benhayon’s teachings and Universal Medicine practices of counselling and Esoteric Chakra-puncture that I could feel such acceptance of what I could have experienced as devastation.

And then my acceptance went to another level and I felt tender love for my body and a joyful and playful appreciation of other women’s bodies. This is a miracle. I am yet to have an Esoteric Breast Massage, but I have a strong feeling it will support me to deepen the tenderness I have begun to re-connect to.

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136 thoughts on “Rediscovering Tenderness Post Breast Cancer – Inspired by the Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. With any form of surgery and intervention, the body responds best when we can offer tenderness to support the healing process.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous sharing – and one that highlights for me to begin to appreciate my breasts a lot more. Sometimes, we don’t stop to appreciate things deeply enough until we lose them, and sadly this is something I have experienced in other areas in my life – and so Judith’s sharing is a great reminder to me to appreciate my breasts, my body and its communications, and so much more.

  3. Through what Judith has shared here much is exposed, how we as a society overlook deepening a relationship with our bodies that is loving, nurturing and honouring. And it also exposes the fact, this dishonouring of who we are is considered ‘normal’ and deemed as the way we identify who we are which could not be further form the truth. The truth of who we are is known through honouring our connection to our body and being.

  4. An inspiring sharing from Judith of her deepening appreciation and cherishing relationship with her body that allowed her to reconnect to her innately tender and true nurturing qualities and to accept her illness and surgery as a blessing on her return to discovering the preciousness and inner beauty within herself.

  5. It is beautiful to feel Judith’s deepening appreciation for her own body and also her delight in other women’s breasts. Instead of mourning the loss of her breast she chooses to explore the tenderness that is possible when we truly connect to our bodies.

  6. Although this procedure has huge physical and bodily impacts and can change ones life forever, it is a beautiful offering at the same time. An invitation to reconnect with a part of you you neglected long ago to nurture and cherish and now by the grace of modern medicine the opportunity is there to revisit and reimprint these aspects of our life. Cancer is never a pleasant but unfortunately as it currently is, devastation is often needed to shake one out of the illusionary comfort and see the reality of what we are doing/choosing.

  7. Women really benefit from support in this area after having surgery, there is an aftermath so to speak that is not considered even if you get the so called all clear from cancer, how women feel about themselves is another issue all together and so Esoteric Breast Massage is very supportive when it comes to this aspect of our being.

  8. Honouring ourselves and our bodies is vital for our wellbeing, ‘What I have gained is a different relationship to my body as I connect with it each day in this ritual’. It is lovely to read how you brought, love, tenderness and appreciation to your body in your daily rituals.

    1. Yes if we do not commit to honouring ourselves our wellbeing suffers. Judith is an inspiration in how she chose to approach her post operative recovery and use it as a time to deepen the tenderness with which she cared for her body.

  9. Acceptance and appreciation are such important parts of our daily lives, ‘I felt tender love for my body and a joyful and playful appreciation of other women’s bodies.’

  10. Honouring our breasts is so important as we often neglect this part of our anatomy as women, or complain our breasts are the wrong size, either too big or too small.

  11. A gorgeous article on how appreciation … and to feel how Judith talks of her appreciation for ‘chest and breast’ without any sense of loss but of a new opportunity to be with and relate to her body is amazing and deeply inspiring. No matter what has happened to us and how we’ve been it’s about how we approach it, we can do it in tenderness or not … and to feel how tenderness is why would we choose any different?

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