Perfect Family Picture or NOT?

by Nicole Serafin, Woman, Wife, Mother, Self-employed Pharmacy Receptionist, NSW, Australia

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with life, not happy with what you have or where you are at, using half-truths or manipulation to control or create a situation, pretending everything is ok when it is not? Have you lived a life totally self created from an ideal or belief to achieve ‘perfection’, prepared to do whatever it takes to have a perfect family picture and life?

My family life appeared to be a perfect picture – I had an amazing husband, a great home, a successful business and we had a beautiful daughter who was, as people would say, a ‘dream baby’. I had all the things that perhaps many women dream of: perfect family, perfect child and perfect life.

Was I being greedy wanting more? Continue reading “Perfect Family Picture or NOT?”

Self-Reflections and the Esoteric Women’s Health Program

by Bianca Barban, Sacred Woman, Melbourne, Australia

I am a naturally reflective person.

For a while now I have been reflecting on my life and its quality. I am 38yrs, healthy, in a loving supportive marriage and have 2 beautiful children. I even managed to have a girl and a boy – pretty clever! Life is comfortable, in fact very comfortable, but for the thing I have been pondering lately…. is comfort truly fulfilling? Is there a deeper version of me waiting to be lived? Continue reading “Self-Reflections and the Esoteric Women’s Health Program”

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy: My Breasts Told Me I Was Pregnant (Twice!)

I have been pregnant twice in my life and both times the first very early sign of these pregnancies came from my breasts.

My First Pregnancy (2007)

In my first pregnancy I knew I was pregnant a few days after conception:

  • My breasts had grown larger, were more full and were very tender.
  • They became so tender and the nipples so sensitive that wearing a bra was painful and not wearing a bra was painful.
  • Having the shower water run over my nipples was almost unbearable.
  • Lying on my stomach was not an option as any sort of pressure on my breasts was just not tolerable.
  • Wearing tops over my bare breasts was difficult. The tops had to be very fitted so there was no movement across my nipples, as any friction from the material was excruciating.
  • I also noticed that the veins in my breasts had become more prominent, my nipples had become larger and had darkened in colour.  Continue reading “Very Early Signs of Pregnancy: My Breasts Told Me I Was Pregnant (Twice!)”

Getting Caught in an Outer Beauty

by Sheri Gompelman, Brisbane, Australia

I recently submitted a blog titled, The Truth about Beauty – We Are Enough.

I wrote that blog a day after I had an Esoteric Ovary Massage with Natalie Benhayon, which had really allowed me to connect with the beautiful woman I am.

After I wrote the blog I cried as I could feel it came from a great power within. Yet, although I can feel what True Beauty is I am always having to remind or stop myself from falling into what is not True Beauty. Continue reading “Getting Caught in an Outer Beauty”

Breast Health and Breast Care

 by Sara Harris, BHSc

Breasts and Breast health have been a hot topic in the media recently with Angelina Jolie’s radical move to have a double ‘preventative’ mastectomy and hailed a hero for doing so. It made me wonder – what is our relationship with our breasts and is there more that can be done before getting to this radical ‘preventative’ method? What exactly is the function of our breasts and how do they contribute to the rest of the body? Continue reading “Breast Health and Breast Care”

Real Beauty – The True Beauty from Within

By Georgina, Brisbane, Australia

Last week I attended an Esoteric Women’s presentation in Brisbane. The topic for the day was beauty. It soon became clear from discussions that society’s and women’s initial definition of beauty was literally only skin deep – our beauty appeared to be defined by how we look – by how we appeared on the outside rather than how we appear from within. Continue reading “Real Beauty – The True Beauty from Within”

Responsibility for My Body and Health – The Lesson I learned From My Mother’s Breast Cancer

by Penny Scheenhouwer, 44 yrs old, Brisbane, Australia

I was 18 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. Back then I thought of my mother as old. It was not until a few years ago that I realised how young she was for a first diagnosis and that I came to appreciate how valuable the lessons I learnt from my mother’s breast cancer really were.  Continue reading “Responsibility for My Body and Health – The Lesson I learned From My Mother’s Breast Cancer”

Learning to Express: Letting the Truth Out

by Bryony, London, UK

At first I felt reckless; had I really just outed myself as a former tenderness denier?

I felt nervous about telling someone close to me about writing on this blog because I was afraid of how they’d react, and of being criticised.

But – what if I chose to stay with me while telling them about something close to my heart, focussed on my reaction and how I am, instead of getting caught up in the tangled mess of their and then our emotional reactions? I decided to test it out. Continue reading “Learning to Express: Letting the Truth Out”

Being 60: A Mature Woman in the World

AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE - Ariana Ray - Age 60 (June 2013)
AFTER Universal Medicine
Ariana Ray – Age 60 (June 2013)

I am 60 years old this month and it feels great.

For a long time I didn’t want anyone to know how old I was. When I was younger being 60 and a woman meant you had grey hair, you were one of the ‘unseen’ women in the world who we knew were there but were ‘all washed up’, ‘given up and done with’. It’s dread-full that so many older women shut themselves down in this way when there is so much potential. I recall as a child the odd one or two old women who stood out – this was because they were loud, angry and demanding, and fighting for some cause or other or selling retirement insurance; either way role models that did not have a way of being that made you feel, ‘yes, I want to be that’. Being 60 was never something to aspire to but instead dread.

AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray - Age 60 (June 2013)
AFTER UNIVERSAL MEDICINE: Ariana Ray – Age 60 (June 2013)

I have a feeling that I am an extraordinary woman. Continue reading “Being 60: A Mature Woman in the World”

Rediscovering Tenderness Post Breast Cancer – Inspired by the Esoteric Breast Massage

by Judith McIntyre, Myocum, NSW, Australia

I heard about Esoteric Breast Massage after having breast cancer and consequently a mastectomy. Another woman who also had a mastectomy recommended it to me. She said the side of her chest that had surgery particularly responded to the tenderness that she experienced in the session. I was very curious. Continue reading “Rediscovering Tenderness Post Breast Cancer – Inspired by the Esoteric Breast Massage”