Re-connecting to My Breasts – Living the Tenderness and Joy That I Am

by Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany

Yesterday I had an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with one of the beautiful Esoteric Healing practitioners from Norway. I was asked what my intention was for having the treatment and I said “appreciation for myself and also tenderness”.

I know that I am very tender but like to override how I feel i.e. the sensitivity and preciousness that I am.

I recently read many of the blogs in Women in Livingness about ‘Breasts’ which I have loved because, oh yes I have two breasts too!

Concerning my own breasts, I had convinced myself that I was not very much in contact with them and left it at that and so I was amazed what some women had written about the ‘connection with their breasts’.

Yesterday during my Esoteric Breast Massage I could feel that I like to escape into my mind and not stay in touch with feeling my breasts because I did not like to feel what they were telling me: they felt sore, swollen and painful.

My practitioner and I talked about it and I realised that I am actually in contact with my breasts, since I do feel that they often hurt, however, I’ve never wanted to listen and consider before how this pain could be related to the way I choose to live.

After the treatment the whole front of my body felt alive and I drove home in my car choosing to stay in touch with this deep connection, which was a very new experience for me as it had opened up something I have ignored in the past. I could feel the quality of my breasts – the left   one ‘precious’ and the right one ‘delicious’ and as I appreciated these two qualities, my heart was singing along in joy silently.

And this morning as I was singing, I reminded myself to get in touch and communication with my breasts and heart area – what a new experience for I sang along with so much more joy and ease! Celebrating my breasts and welcoming them!

Wow now I feel how power-full it is to be in touch with my breasts and that when I listen and appreciate them my life changes in a big way, as I live feeling the tenderness and joy that I am.

236 thoughts on “Re-connecting to My Breasts – Living the Tenderness and Joy That I Am

  1. A woman’s breasts tell her a great deal about how she feels about herself as a woman and an EBM invites us to listen more closely to the message.

  2. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a wonderful modality to support us to connect to our breasts and to further deepen the relationship we have with them. The EBM’s which I receive from time to time are certainly supporting me to connect more deeply to the true woman that I am and know myself to be.

  3. Every bit of our body, is a bit that we need to be connected with, as a woman it is essential we have a relationship with our female body parts and not avoid them or ignore them. Every part from the smallest hair follicle, tell us something about how we are going and our wellbeing. And yes offer us an opportunity to connect and celebrate who we are. Walk with the whole of us, not parts in our heads, but our whole body united and claimed.

  4. I am often amazed at how sensitive I am to whatcis going on around me even not in my immediate sight but with friends in other parts of the world I have a strong sense of what is happening for them. I am sure many people have had that situation of calling someone who was just about to call you – not someone you speak to often. We are much more amazing than we give ourselves credit it for.

  5. A beautiful sharing of the power of the Esoteric Breast Massage, and the joy and connection you experienced with your session.

  6. Janina, the joy you felt in your connection with your breasts following your EBM, is palpable throughout your sharing and has inspired me to build a deeper connection with my own breasts as I go about my daily life.

  7. ‘I know that I am very tender but like to override how I feel’ this is a very relatable statement Janina. Feeling me, my body, and specifically my breasts is not something that I used to do in the past. Recently I found that I connect daily with other parts of my body with more ease than with my breasts. I appreciate being aware of and inspired by you to feel my heart area more often, like the open window to our origin that it is.

  8. What a celebration, ‘I feel how power-full it is to be in touch with my breasts and that when I listen and appreciate them my life changes in a big way, as I live feeling the tenderness and joy that I am.’

      1. I agree, so often the conversation is being negative about them, trying to show them off or hiding them….breasts are ours to claim back and reconnect with what they reflect in truth. Every part of life is symbolic and has a purpose, just because things are misinterpreted and perverted in society, it does not mean we have to stay within that frame work, we can chose the relationship we have with our bodies and claim back the true meaning and what they symbolise.

  9. Many women experience painful breasts at some point in their lives, but I wonder how many relate this pain to how they have been living, ‘I’ve never wanted to listen and consider before how this pain could be related to the way I choose to live.’

  10. Way back breasts meant one of two things for me – for feeding babies or as sexual objects. Discovering that they are nurturing centers – for everyone – transformed the way I regard them.

  11. Appreciation of every part of our body is super important, if we miss out any area we are not being in full the women we know we can be.

  12. This was a great reminder for me of the sacredness that I hold but that I don’t often connect with. I am observing myself more during the day and looking to bring more tenderness into my movements so that I am not getting involved in or taking things on from the day.

  13. The Esoteric Breast Massage is such a life changing modality for all women who experience them; this is a beautiful testimony Janina of the power and deep stillness this modality offers us.

  14. Beautiful sharing, just connecting to the heart and breast area of our bodies can make you live in a totally different way.

  15. As women we learn to hide or flaunt our breasts but rarely are we taught to truly appreciate them and all that they represent.

  16. To be aware of the delicate preciousness of our breasts is to be aware of the delicate preciousness of the woman we are.

  17. The EBM is an amazing modality in so many ways and has certainly supported me to re-connect to my breasts which I had done my best to totally ignore for most of my life. Having recently had an issue with a cyst on my left breast I have committed to a healing programme and from that my appreciation for my relationship with my breasts and what they are showing me about the way I am living continues to deepen.

  18. I find that when I have an EBM I connect strongly back to my tenderness and deep beauty as a woman and I get to feel all of my qualities and when I do it allows me to bring these out more and express them.

  19. Janina I often connect to my heart but forget the breast area as part of that. Thank you for the joyous way you reconnected to your body, so often we shroud ourselves in criticism and feel we should have done better, but you allowed yourself to just experience reconnection and allow your joy through.

  20. Thank you Janina for sharing your beautiful experience of EBMs, I had some sessions sometime ago which were very powerful in opening me up to the tenderness that I hold within, it feels time soon to book in for more sessions.

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