I am a Very Sensitive Woman: Discovering the Strength of Sensitivity

by Luz Helena Hincapie, Colombia

Learning to work on my hypersensitivity and starting to love and appreciate my sensitivity hasn’t been easy, as I tend to get ideas of how I should behave and how I should fit into society. Self-judgment, the need for recognition and feeling hurt all insist on hanging around. If I let them, they insist on pulling me back into the old ways. However, with the consistent commitment to lovingly assess where I am at and the trust I now have in myself it is certainly a joyful process.

I’ve found that the answer in dealing with ‘distorted’ sensitivity is inside of my heart, never in my mind or practicing the sports of intellectual and emotional self-defence. The mind will only mask things, chose strategies and it will be a saboteur in the long run. The self-defence sports will only make one awkward and hard.

The answer is inside of me and it has been there all the time.

I can’t deny how challenging it has been and still is to feel settled after living in so much anxiousness. It felt like it was impossible at the beginning; however, I have experienced being powerfully still inside and in harmony thanks to the support and inspiration from Universal Medicine. I have felt all the strength and beauty that there is inside of me. I come back to this knowing every time I catch myself in any emotionally charged hyper-sensitive mood. It is amazingly simple. The automatism slowly starts to subside. I feel the strength of a delicate and perfumed flower popping out!

 My greatest realisation:

‘Sensitivity is a Golden Treasure’

I have come to understand that I am not less because I am so sensitive to everything. It is actually my greatest treasure – it is a world of wisdom and insight. In the past I haven’t felt like that because I would see ‘sensitivity’ as a weakness and perhaps due to a lack of support with learning how to honour it, it became distorted in the form of emotions and reactions to everything. Today I feel responsible for it and I choose differently. I choose to honour and lovingly explore my sensitivity. It is not about toughening up or protecting, it is about becoming gentle first, letting go and releasing the protection. It is all about FEELING and ACCEPTING.


Moments that I creatively use to Re-connect

This certainly means I won’t be socializing and pushing myself through intense social situations as I did before. It means I leave the ambitiousness behind and that I will sometimes miss exciting occasions. Beyond all possibilities to connect with others, meet new people and participate, the first and most important relationship is with myself. I now love socializing and spending time with myself. It is very supportive for me to create the space where I can honestly ask myself how I am feeling and re-gather – I now honour this. The beautiful thing is that nowadays I can do this more often when I am with people or in daily intense interactions and situations.

My body is the marker of how I am feeling. My jaw, arms, chest and tummy for example are great tools that always show me how much hardness I am using – they feel tense, tight and heavy confirming the anxiousness and raciness I’ve been through during my day. My body also holds the key for my re-connection – my hands and feet support me to bring me back. I touch and hold things firmly but gently with my hands. I stand firmly on the ground with my feet and I walk feeling them with each step. My mind on the contrary holds the key for my disconnection. I have become very aware of disorganized and compulsive thoughts. I don’t feed them by obsessively analysing what is going on all of the time, I just choose to feel what is going on without judgement or trying to fix anything.

I have chosen to say NO to the external ideals of how I should fit in, in order to be accepted and recognized. I can now easily identify how I’ve been allowing myself to be mentally and energetically pulled in many directions. I can now STOP, stay firm, take a gentle breath after a deep one, trust my gentle breath, allow myself to find and feel my stillness within and then deal with whatever is in front of me or whatever needs to just be felt. It’s not perfect, especially when I let go of my rhythms and I can still feel hardness in myself, but it is slowly subsiding.

During the time I have been participating in the events from Universal Medicine it has been a blessing to meet and feel real true women. I have felt how they emanate a delicateness and strength; it feels as if they know what is really going on around them without reacting. They are really sensitive women and yet their presence is amazingly present. There is no ethereal quality in them, they have claimed themselves. I have been greatly inspired by them to recognize and feel the same within me.

I have accepted my fragility and where I am at. I have chosen to give myself the chance to learn from and be guided by my inner-heart, not from my mind. My life is a claimed journey of honesty and self-love. I deeply feel it is a beautiful journey to walk and it is worth it because I now know the ease that truthful confidence brings to my life and to the quality of my presence. True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at. I can now stop pushing and trying hard to be someone I am not. Relief!

I choose to be a woman that commits to life and is not scared to feel anything.

I am a very sensitive woman and I can now feel still and safe in the light of my own wisdom and love, which is the living part of God within me – a woman in this life.

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313 thoughts on “I am a Very Sensitive Woman: Discovering the Strength of Sensitivity

  1. Stepping back from the situations we may live and observe allows us to read what’s going on energetically. This is medicine to not get trapped by the intensities of life. With this choice we give ourselves space to feel and respond to what’s needed in every moment. In stillness we bring simplicity in a world governed by the complexity. Just by breathing gently.

  2. Luz your journey back to your stillness is a gift for everyone who may feel anxiousness in their daily life. It’s all about claiming ourselves in full and taking the responsibility for the choices we make, which has a direct impact in our body. Love having the opportunity in this life of having such an awareness about how we feel within moment by moment because there’s a wisdom to be lived from and shared. A treasure for all.

  3. ‘…with the consistent commitment to lovingly assess where I am at and the trust I now have in myself it is certainly a joyful process.’ It certainly is joyful, because there is no judgment anymore but yes an acceptance of who you really are. An amazing process to live.

  4. We’ve all allowed ourselves to be taken so far from the essence of God that we all intrinsically are that we have no conscious awareness that that’s what we’re all made from. But one by one we’re starting to remember and live that truth and then we remind others with our very beingness that that is who they are too. And that’s how it works, one by one we return to being the truth of who we all collectively are until finally we’re all back to the original starting point once again, which is the Isness of God. And I say amen to that.

  5. When we appreciate our sensitivity we are awake to all of the 6 senses and all tell us about ourselves, the world and the Universe.

  6. This is so true…”‘Sensitivity is a Golden Treasure’” harden up and try and play tough and we loose our sensitivity a golden treasure because it offers us the opportunity to deeply empower ourselves…we get to respond to life and not react then we can feel what feels true for us. This is power…

  7. Our bodies are great communicators, yet without choosing sensitivity we can ignore key messages. I also really appreciate the connection between choosing to feel our sensitivity and commitment to life.

  8. I used to take drugs to attempt to numb out how sensitive I was to things that were not love. It was constant to feel everything that was not love even though I had it beside me growing up through the loving nature of my sister. No drugs no more .. but I have food. Sometimes the tension and how I feel about how much I have held back is what now hurts which is worse than just feeling sensitive to start with. You are better off not holding back all you feel and discover the truth again ..

  9. Thank you for claiming the strength of your sensitivity and how this supports you in a world that so often wants you to deny it. Connecting to the ever present stillness within is a powerful tool and guide though life.

  10. So very beautiful Luz, I appreciate the honesty and openness in which you have shared your experiences, I can certainly relate. I am a very sensitive woman and I’m often in reaction, it feels overwhelming at times that I’m aware of so much, then reacting, but not always consciously connected to what I’m aware of! I appreciate your ability to learn to be with yourself, to cherish your sensitivity and as you say in your final paragraph, to “feel still and safe in the light of my own wisdom and love, which is the living part of God within me – a woman in this life.” I agree too that the reflection of women who have learned to handle their awareness and sensitivity but stay nestled in their sacredness and stillness is very supportive, it gives women a very real marker that we can overcome anything to live the true fullness of our soulful essence. Very inspiring, thank you.

  11. Today I respected myself And said no to agressive communication.
    To say no to things, I learned to See from Natalie Benhayon. Doing so we are making very clear what’s not love and then what is left is the sacredness which is there in every woman.

  12. Beautiful Luz. And so simple. But a total turn around from living from your head focusing on the outside first, to living from your inner heart making the connection to your body, your essence as the most important focus in your life.

  13. A beautiful sharing, acceptance and claiming of who you truly are, ‘True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at. I can now stop pushing and trying hard to be someone I am not. Relief!’

  14. Stopping the pushing and trying is certainly something to celebrate. There is no one quite like us and our particular flavour of expression and we all miss out if we hold that back….even though in essence we are one and the same

    1. As soon as we push or try we’ve left the resplendent beauty of who we are in truth. When we surrender back towards who we already are then we align to the consciousness of God and it is His qualities that come through us. When we leave ourselves in any way then we align to a consciousness that is a bastardised version of God and it is this mangled version of Him that comes through us. Everything in life is governed by which consciousness we’re aligned to and our alignment is dictated by our movements.

  15. Accepting that our sensitivity is in fact a blessing is the start of allowing the true strength that is inherent in this quality to fully emerge.

  16. It is important to accept all of us, ‘I choose to honour and lovingly explore my sensitivity. It is not about toughening up or protecting, it is about becoming gentle first, letting go and releasing the protection. It is all about FEELING and ACCEPTING.’

    1. Yes, accepting is a great word to bring in here because sometimes, what we feel can feel overwhelming or challenging because we don’t want the reality to be as it is.

  17. In appreciating the wisdom and insight our connection and sensitivity brings, we learn to accept our sensitivity, not dismiss it as a weakness at all, but honour it as our true guide.

  18. I love how you are saying no to self-judgment, the need for recognition and feeling hurt, and saying yes to your greatest treasure, your sensitivity.

  19. I love reading your blogs Luz as they are honest and inspiring. We are all sensitive beings trying to fit into a created world that we can never fit into as ourselves. We have been set up to fail as this is not who or how we are in essence.

    1. Yes it is exhausting trying to conform and deny our sensitivity and so supportive to have blogs like this that support us to claim our own strength within.

  20. In our essence we are all sensitive, precious, lovable, glorious beyond what our mind can fathom and all we need do is to connect to who we truly are.

  21. ‘Sensitivity is a golden treasure.’ Yes indeed. Yet I used to believe this was a weakness in me and toughened up to try to be strong. We need sensitivity people who – like a canary in a coal mine – show what will be the way ahead for others in due course.

    1. Thank you Sue, I was just reflecting on how growing up sensitivity was seen as a weakness and something faulty, but it’s actually the other way around. When we toughen, dull and numb ourselves we won’t respond to all we know is true and untrue in this world, so we will invariably accept much less. Sensitivity is absolutely a blessing, I allows us to know and feel the truth.

  22. Our sensitivity is a great gift and not the huge curse we often play it to be. When we realise this then we can allow ourselves to be far more open and transparent in our relationships with others.

  23. I’ve read this one many times and now can nod in agreement to having also experienced much of what you’ve shared. That last part about with within really gave me tingles!

  24. I love your words here Luz, “with the consistent commitment to lovingly assess where I am at and the trust I now have in myself it is certainly a joyful process.” In building a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves and our body we are able to trust in our sensitivity to be our true guide and support.

  25. By reading your blog I took the moment to re-connect deeper within my heart and directly there is a stillness. The Gentle Breath Meditation is of great support to take us back to the body out of our mind.

  26. I love how you turn your perceived weakness into your actual strength ! Surrendering to all we feel is most definitely an amazing difference in how we can be in life.

    1. It is an age old trick of the human etheric spirit that dwells within us all to take what is our strength and convert it to our weakness. In this way we get played to not live the fullness of who we truly are and nor do we allow the world to either enjoy or react to this reflection with no judgement on our part.

      1. Liane this is such a powerful point. You’re spot on. The consciousness that doesn’t want us to realise the truth of who we all are has taken one of the main tools in our knowing, our sensitivity and turned it into a dirty word for both men and women alike. Man they’re slippery buggers, truly they are.

  27. Our sensitivity as human beings not only is a powerful tool to observe and read our lives but also a moment to cherish, honour and appreciate this quality because being able to truly share our tenderness and sensitivity is a joy and we can connect to it in an instant. Thank you Luz this is a stunning blog.

  28. ‘True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at.’ This is a beautiful reminder Luz, to honour our feelings brings an acceptance of our qualities, seeing nothing as a weakness but only a true strength that supports us to understand and appreciate what we bring.

  29. Learning to be ok with our sensitivity is the way we can reclaim our relationship with the world and ourselves.

  30. Beautiful to read how you have come to understand the true strength in sensitivity and how you now feel, “still and safe in the light of my own wisdom and love….. ” thank you for sharing this Luz.

  31. Our bodies do truly hold the key for our re-connection. The simple things you mention like feeling our feet as we walk or bringing focus to the movements in our hands. Bringing the mind back to the body and working as one.

  32. What a great relief! . . . “I can now stop pushing and trying hard to be someone I am not.” . . . . this saves a lot of wasted time and energy!

  33. Luz, I love how you have described sensitivity in your blog, there is a true strength to our sensitivity, and when we appreciate this and deepen our awareness we are able to cherish and nurture it for the true treasure it is.

  34. This is a very powerful article Luz, I love where you arrive at total acceptance of your incarnation.

  35. When we react to what we are feeling we shut the door on our awareness of what is going on around us but when we respond to what we feel it deepens our understanding of everything.

  36. Thank you for highlighting the treasure that is our sensitivity and how we can choose in any moment to re-connect and feel what is true for us.

  37. Gosh Luz, this is a treasure to read. I loved the term “truthful confidence” and the joy of just being ourselves and walking this wherever we are at. This is a great line, worthy of deep contemplation and study “True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at”.

  38. Deeply beautiful Luz, choosing not to be afraid, to let go protection and to accept who you are and where you are. I am also very sensitive and have often protected myself in the world as I’ve felt at a loss when I am so sensitive, but it’s actually the key as it allows me to feel what is truly there to feel and to live with a greater understanding of myself and all those around me. It’s my marker to show me how to go deeper.

  39. In the past I never realised how sensitive I was. I am now learning that this is my strength and I need to connect more to what I am feeling in each moment and to recognise my responses to things as I am often picking up for more than I realise.

  40. The mind ‘….. will be a saboteur in the long run.’ Very true Luz. Listening to and honouring our body tells us all we need to know. So beautiful to read how you now value your sensitivity as your ‘golden treasure.’

  41. My response to life it to often toughen up, put my head down, close my heart to people and just keep going, not even being honest with myself about how I am feeling. I am slowly starting to shift this. The other day I felt more of the sadness and vulnerability that I was feeling in a situation and I didn’t push this down or bury it. What I noticed is that when I got to work, instead of the sarcastic banter one of the men in my office stopped and asked how I was and if he could get me a cup of tea, then my fragility also allowed others to drop the guard and show their fragility too.

  42. ‘True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at.’ Beautifully said Luz, the more we connect to our inner knowing, and our body the more we feel the truth, and as we become more consistent so our confidence grows.

  43. A beautiful self-appreciation of your sensitivity Luz, I agree that “sensitivity is a golden treasure.” When we lack a true sense of ourselves and hold an issue with our self-worth, it is easy to dismiss and criticise our sensitivity as a weakness instead of honouring it for the insight and awareness it guides and offers us to be able to observe and respond to everything before us.

  44. “I now know the ease that truthful confidence brings to my life and to the quality of my presence. True confidence comes from trusting and knowing who I am in truth and gracefully accepting where I am at.” There is a transparency that comes with truthful confidence, it is not afraid of having faults and being a student of life. I am learning that this is the only way my body wants to live, without a face for the world, for friends, for family and a face for me. Simply being me.

  45. It is interesting to see how we can easily go in reaction to each other ( expressed in different ways, still or out loud) and not be aware that we do so because we avoid to feel what is really there to feel and to feel that we are all very sensitive. How we get hurt if even a person say our name in a disrespectful way. We can support each other by starting to deepen that relation with ourselves and to move in much more gentle way through our day with care for ourselves and others.

  46. “I choose to be a woman that commits to life and is not scared to feel anything.” . . . this is great Luz I would add one thing and that is to replace the word ‘anything’ for everything!

  47. I noticed too that to counter hypersensitivity the physical body is key. To firmly feel feet on the ground hands touching things, sitting on the chair etc. Feeling and being sensitive is important yet it is important to be solid with it and that is what the body supports us with.

    1. I agree Lieke. It can be so unsettling to feel hypersensitive and the body is what lets us know we are OK. It asks us to be present in the moment which is done by being solidly in it then the body knows how to support us with what we are feeling.

      1. There’s something about the body that’s always ok even when it’s not. What I mean by that is that if we just allowed the body to be the body, be that a sick body, a body that’s in pain, a shocked body, a sad body, a whatever body but we don’t, there’s a part of us that wants our body to be a particular way but our bodies would be so much more settled if we accepted them as they were and accepted the way that they felt.

  48. Thank you Luz – this blog has deeply honoured your growing awareness of who you are. Through accepting and trusting you have taken hyper-sensitivity and sensitivity and turned them around from being what allowed you to dis-connect to become those things that supported you to re-connect. This blog has also exposed a pattern that many women have where they give themselves such a hard time when they don’t get everything ‘right’. A beautiful blog and honouring of the power of holding and loving ourselves first, absolutely free from judgement.

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