Re-connecting to My Breasts – Living the Tenderness and Joy That I Am

by Janina Koch, Cologne, Germany

Yesterday I had an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with one of the beautiful Esoteric Healing practitioners from Norway. I was asked what my intention was for having the treatment and I said “appreciation for myself and also tenderness”.

I know that I am very tender but like to override how I feel i.e. the sensitivity and preciousness that I am.

I recently read many of the blogs in Women in Livingness about ‘Breasts’ which I have loved because, oh yes I have two breasts too! Continue reading “Re-connecting to My Breasts – Living the Tenderness and Joy That I Am”

I am a Very Sensitive Woman: Discovering the Strength of Sensitivity

by Luz Helena Hincapie, Colombia

Learning to work on my hypersensitivity and starting to love and appreciate my sensitivity hasn’t been easy, as I tend to get ideas of how I should behave and how I should fit into society. Self-judgment, the need for recognition and feeling hurt all insist on hanging around. If I let them, they insist on pulling me back into the old ways. However, with the consistent commitment to lovingly assess where I am at and the trust I now have in myself it is certainly a joyful process.

I’ve found that the answer in dealing with ‘distorted’ sensitivity is inside of my heart, never in my mind or practicing the sports of intellectual and emotional self-defence. The mind will only mask things, chose strategies and it will be a saboteur in the long run. The self-defence sports will only make one awkward and hard. Continue reading “I am a Very Sensitive Woman: Discovering the Strength of Sensitivity”

Lifestyle Choices and Breast Cancer Prevention

by Jane, UK

In recent months there has been a lot of media portrayal about preventive mastectomy (also known as prophylactic mastectomy or risk-reducing mastectomy) re-ignited by Angelina Jolie’s high profile decision to have a preventive double mastectomy.

I have been wondering about this subject as I am a woman and also someone who in the past has had breast health issues.

From my own experience over many years of making lifestyle choices that support me and in taking far more care of myself, I have found that my general health and well-being has improved immensely – so too has my overall health as a woman.

Could lifestyle choices possibly play a role in supporting the prevention of diseases such as breast cancer? Continue reading “Lifestyle Choices and Breast Cancer Prevention”

Indian Inheritance – Re-claiming my Worth as a Woman

I grew up one of three girls with a brother eleven years younger. My parents immigrated to the UK from India before I was born. My mother made it clear for as long as I can remember, that to have girls was a sin and she must have done some very bad things in her past lives to get 3 girls this time round. When my mother was pregnant with my brother I recall her saying she wanted to be sent to a mental institution if it was a girl.

Continue reading “Indian Inheritance – Re-claiming my Worth as a Woman”

Is Sensitivity a Weakness or a Strength? Dealing with the Insecurities of a Hyper-sensitive Woman

by Luz Helena Hincapie, Colombia 

What does being hyper-sensitive imply in a woman’s life? Is there any real hope for it?

I walked most of my life being un-aware of how hypersensitive I was and I still tend to be. Why? On one hand, I was very closed off to my feelings and my inner world and on the other hand mainly because I never wanted to ACCEPT being like that. People (especially women) that I used to judge as hypersensitive put me off. I saw them as weak, shy, as the shadow of someone else, not able to speak out, hiding and uninteresting. My ideals of a great personality were to be outgoing, super-confident, funny, smart and popular. I tried very hard to have all those qualities. Continue reading “Is Sensitivity a Weakness or a Strength? Dealing with the Insecurities of a Hyper-sensitive Woman”

Growing Breasts – The Reflection of my Life in my Breasts

by Anonymous

As a little girl I looked forward to having breasts, I wanted to look like my Barbie dolls and I knew my breasts were going to be beautiful. When my breasts started to grow at around age eleven I was excited and although it was painful I embraced the way my body was changing. At this time my mum had recently begun a new relationship and moved in with her new partner and she began to seem uncomfortable with the changes happening to my body. One day my mum sat me down and told me in no uncertain terms that my new breasts must be kept hidden at all times. I was not allowed to wear strappy nightgowns or clothing anymore, even if it was a 35-degree summer. She also said that this order had come directly from her new partner. Continue reading “Growing Breasts – The Reflection of my Life in my Breasts”

Motherhood & Detachment: an Essential Element to True Love

by Bianca Barban, Melbourne, Australia

One of my roles in life is being a mother. I am blessed with 2 children, a daughter, 8yrs and a son, 7yrs. At times I have found motherhood and detachment difficult, mostly because I have been enmeshed in my children’s lives, taking on every emotion they feel and putting their needs before my own. Continue reading “Motherhood & Detachment: an Essential Element to True Love”

Parenting – Letting Go

by Nicole Serafin, Age 41, Tintenbar, NSW

At what point as a parent do we let go and allow our children to make their own decisions?

This is something I have always pondered on since the birth of our first child just over 5 years ago.

While our daughter was progressing through the baby stages I would feel what was needed for her, asking myself: Continue reading “Parenting – Letting Go”