Men, Periods and the Our Cycles Period App

by Lee Green, Business Owner, Perth

Until recently there has been a game played the world over that men and periods are two very separate things. Until recently I subscribed to the same belief – men and periods did not exist. Periods were a women’s subject.

In my life as a man I had always seen one long pathway that never had a stop sign on it. I was always trudging through life with no vitality, no love of me or the life I was living. Along the way I found things to use and numb me from this drudgery, but for all the immediate relief there was still the heaviness rooting me almost to the spot.


How do men relate to periods? Many jokes and putdowns stem from this sensitive part in a woman’s monthly cycle – has this been to debase the understanding that a period is a cleansing part of a natural cycle that lovingly supports the woman’s body? Is there a possibility that men have this cleansing part of a monthly cycle – a period for men that can support the man’s body just as well?

I recall noting that women had an opportunity to stop, to slow down with their monthly periods. Even back then I felt there was a time where a woman had an excuse to ‘get off the roundabout’ for a few days and really rest if the pain got too much. I have witnessed women throughout my life suffer from physical pain, ‘mood swings’, to outright temper flare-ups consistently every month, and nothing seemed to change. It was an accepted way of being that every month, misery and agony would be how the women lived for that time.

There was envy here, not for the period symptoms but because of the stop, the opportunity to have timeout, the stay at home, rest required, something that I had never given myself or so it felt – as a man there was no space for this ‘weakness’.


In the present day and some years later, through the work presented by Serge Benhayon, who inspires me to feel life as love first and foremost, I have worked on me and have started to know myself as a being of Love. Serge Benhayon and the team at Universal Medicine have over recent months presented so much more to men – not just for those that get to the regular groups but so that all men can truly connect with the truth of who we are.

One of the things presented in the last year was about how the full moon cycle was akin to the period that a woman experiences.

An opportunity to connect with one’s body and truly feel how you have lived in the last month.

My understanding was that we as humanity are connected inextricably to the cycles – women are not the only ones that get to clear; effectively that there is a registered stop for all. A time of reflection and contemplation, of deep nurturing and feeling that we all, every one of us, have access to.

I had listened to the presentation on the moon cycle and whilst I acknowledged it and heard it – it was still very much knowledge. I obeyed it’s coming around but with no real commitment, no sense that what was presented really was for all men to benefit from. I was effectively NOT embracing the possibility of even deeper healing.


Over this time I have also been using the amazing Our Cycles App developed by the amazing Natalie Benhayon, to track me – my feelings, moods and how my days have been going in relation to the moon cycle.

Interestingly, on days that I do not use the Our Cycles app they become a blur and I know that in not using it to express how I am feeling, there is something up….. perhaps I am a little off key. Even that becomes an amazing check in for me. Was I too tired, didn’t want to feel or face the choices I had made in the day? That’s without even using the app!

So when you pick up the app it has a quality to it for you, the writer, to feel and explore how you have been – this is amazing. I can write just for me about everything and anything that affects my being, that inspires my being, that holds me back, that makes me sad, or cry or shine or fly.

Truly a blessing for humanity!


In using the app regularly I have become more connected to the cycle of the moon. It is this cycle that allows my body to clear all that has been used in the lead up to the full moon. The way that I have honoured or dis-honoured me in the lead up to the full moon is all felt in my body. This had gone on for some months when on the 8th day preceding the moon in July, I got a message from my body that was so clear I could not dismiss it. It was very loud.

“This is your period! Your period starts tomorrow.”

I stopped and claimed it. ‘Yes, my period starts tomorrow.’ I even told my wife and daughter this at the evening meal discussion. Claiming this felt funny at first, almost a bit comical because of all of the stereotypes and thoughts coming at me from years of my not truly understanding the power of the period. I was given an opportunity to feel in my body the truth of this for all.

In the week leading up to the full moon the 7th and 6th days are the most intense for clearing.

On awakening that morning, knowing deeply that this was the first day of my period, I felt everything. The holding back, the pushing, the drive, the burdens I had stacked up… you get the picture.

Yet it was so beautiful and amazing to take this next level of responsibility, to own it and claim that yes, that is how I have lived until this moment.

 It was a profound stop for me.

It was a celebration of the fact that my body can support me to let go as deeply as I can of the momentums and patterns that still make me choose this or that.

I also felt the amazing opportunity that the cycle presents – an opportunity to re-imprint the very next cycle with more love, more tenderness, more honouring, more trust of the body, of me and the amazingness I am.

I had time in my morning to run a bath and soak me, to really honour this event, this celebration of a man returning to tenderness. As I dressed I felt to wear a shirt and tie and even the choosing of the tie could not be for any other reason than to celebrate and nurture me more deeply.

We men do get periods – it just takes a surrendering of self to really feel the power that the cycles have not just for men, for humanity as a whole. Now that’s worth noting in my Our Cycles App.

224 thoughts on “Men, Periods and the Our Cycles Period App

  1. Lee I love this blog it is one I can read time and time again as I do not think women talk enough about periods let alone men talking about them to .. which is amazing. Only the other day I was with a group of girls who were talking about being on their period and how much they hated it so although what you write here is something you feel ‘There was envy here, not for the period symptoms but because of the stop, the opportunity to have timeout, the stay at home, rest required, something that I had never given myself or so it felt – as a man there was no space for this ‘weakness’.’ .. I do not think women do rest when required and we still push through and do not honour our bodies leading up to this time, during a period or after a period. There is so much both men and women can learn from these innate cycles we have within and just how much more loving with ourselves we can be.

  2. It’s awesome how observant you were of the women’s cycles and symptoms around you. I also love that you noticed their period was a time to stop – and why shouldn’t men have a similar time in the month?

  3. Inspiring claiming of your period which is an awesome reflection for both men and women as there are always deeper levels to go to.

  4. A beautiful and valuable sharing Lee, ‘I also felt the amazing opportunity that the cycle presents – an opportunity to re-imprint the very next cycle with more love, more tenderness, more honouring, more trust of the body, of me and the amazingness I am.’

  5. Lee, reading about how you reflect on the reasons as to why you miss some days recording in your our cycles app. has giving me food for thought, and has inspired me to do the same now if I miss out on a day sharing with my diary.

  6. A great celebration of the stop a period, full moon or otherwise offers us, especially when we claim the space for us and allow ourselves the time to review and feel what and how we’ve lived and it’s impact, a loving check-in and if needed a pull up to remind us that how we live impacts us and we can live supporting ourselves and the all or not.

  7. Our bodies do support us in so many ways, lovely what you came to feel and understand, ‘It was a celebration of the fact that my body can support me to let go as deeply as I can of the momentums and patterns that still make me choose this or that.’

    1. Yes we are so supported to let go of patterns when we are willing to acknowledge them but it is only when we give ourselves the space to allow this that we get to feel how amazing this can be.

  8. This would be great for all children to learn at school, to check how they have lived in the last month, and to make it a regular part of their lives, ‘An opportunity to connect with one’s body and truly feel how you have lived in the last month.’

  9. Such a joy to re read your blog Lee and to feel the depth of tenderness and love you have chosen to go in the relationship with your body claiming we all live in cycles and particularly how you as a men have claimed that you do have a clearing period within the cycle of the moon.

  10. Part of the male persona is to not stop or show that you need a stop. That would not be manly! But we all need a stop and the chance to make corrections to our living accordingly. We shouldn’t need an excuse such as strong pain to do so.

  11. Men and periods, yes, not a commonly considered phrase! Having read what you share here Lee I can see how it makes so much sense. Women who no longer have periods have the same opportunity. Do we stay more connected to our bodies when we don’t have a monthly menstruation or less? Are we waiting for our bodies to give us physical pain or other signs to tell us where we have not only passed the pause boundary but stamped on it about a kilometre back?!

    1. Great point here Lucy. What I feel is if we do not truly connect with our body while we are having periods then how do we honour the phase after .. the menopause? And just as periods have felt, and on some level, still very much feel like a ‘dirty’ word I am also aware of all the labels, thoughts, misconceptions etc that the word menopause brings. The key here is how much do we truly love ourselves to return to the truth that we all innately know and this includes men ✨

  12. While this is not what your blog is about, I love the fact that I can openly talk about my period with my partner and that he is very honouring of this. In the past I have had men who will speak about it in a putting down kind of way but when men have an understanding and real appreciation of their own body and of a women’s body it is amazing when they are supportive with this.

  13. “I also felt the amazing opportunity that the cycle presents – an opportunity to re-imprint the very next cycle with more love, more tenderness, more honouring, more trust of the body, of me and the amazingness I am.” I love this Lee just as much as I love having my period each month too and just confirms to me how we are all intrinsically linked by rhythms and cycles and how beautiful that truly is.

  14. It is fantastic that men are been given the opportunity to connect to themselves in this way, just like the women. Both as necessary as the other as we have been living our lives in a very disconnected way and the cycles that are there for us to embrace and work with.

  15. Accepting I go through a cleansing period each month supports me to know more of who I am. Knowing that I am more each cycle is enough to make me stop and listen. There is a simplicity in stopping. It gives you space and access to time – time you think you do not have. The cycles give us motion and repose alternatively every 2 weeks – its the greatest opportunity to align, be open to the more that we are and create space to feel and deal with the responsibilities of life.

  16. It is beautiful to read how you have claimed the preciousness of your own cycles and the need to honour yourself more in them Lee.

  17. I use the app daily and even before it came out I started to write diary of how I felt for the day. I also debrief on the phone to my mum every day (without perfection) for the last two years. I find that all these ways of looking at and expressing how I feel to be hugely supportive and I can go to bed lighter. It is very noticeable when one of these is dropped.

  18. I am realising how beautiful it is to appreciate the awareness of those moments when I am not connected to myself, those moments I allowed to take me away from self giving me an opportunity to pause and change my movement towards coming back to self. The appreciation is uplifting and pulls me up.

  19. Brilliant explanation Lee, I loved your honesty and willingness to surrender to this natural cycle, previously thought only to be for women, men can learn so much about themselves and their body during this cycle too, and it is definitely a time for more rest,

  20. Awesome claiming of your period and surrendering to the clearing on offer and the opportunity to re-imprint.

  21. I love your observation of the women in your life of how they would be with their period. I can really feel your care, love and respect in that it is very beautiful to feel.

  22. Everything in life starts with us feeling the preciousness of ourselves and expressing this quality in everything we do. It is very simple but it changes everything in life. Working with cycles is a blessing, an opportunity we all have despite gender, age, background.

  23. This is so cool. Thank you for sharing that actually men do experience cycles. Knowing that a period for a woman is a cycle of clearing – it seems imbalanced that a man would not experience this in some way. So this sharing does capture that clearing in men is possible and it is happening each month.

  24. When I hear women discuss their first period and their early experience of them, a common theme that comes up is that they are to be hidden and definitely not to be talked about with men. This sets up a huge separation between women and their dads, brothers and then intimate partners. It makes the period seem like something unsavory or shameful, when in fact it is such a blessing and clearing for the woman. This needs to change with coming generations, and women who know how healing their periods are need to be sharing with men.

  25. What a beautiful honest and very revealing sharing for all men of their own cycles to treasure and claim for the themselves and the support of the our cycles app in this for humanity to start connecting to appreciating and living with all the tenderness beauty and love we truly are .Thank you a real reflection and inspiration for all the men in the world.

  26. One for the men and I get the sense that most wouldn’t accept this pretty obvious fact. As the article is saying, “My understanding was that we as humanity are connected inextricably to the cycles” and so in this way everything and everyone is linked to cycles. So it would make sense for men to have a monthly cycle the same as a women. A time for then to check in, to take stock and to debrief on what the month offered and choice how to walk into the next month. This is up there with the same notion that the world was flat which now is ridiculous we think we live on a flat line, were born and then somewhere down the end of the line or life we die. Yet what makes sense is that we cycle through life and it one cycle inside of a large cycle inside a larger cycle and it goes on. I have the Ourcycle app and only using it intermittently and usually use a diary. I like how, like any program you can snap shot a month in one go rather then trying to remember or recall a certain day. For me at time if I don’t record things everyday merges into others so it’s great to have things written down.

  27. This is an awesome article. I celebrate you too Lee, your willingness to allow yourself to feel a natural cycle that your body had always been under and influenced by. Feeling what your body had stored and was clearing is inspirational and powerful allowing for understanding and the beginning of dropping the old patterns that left you with the weight of stuff, to new ways of being and responding.

  28. Awesome explanation here Lee of the cycles that affect us men. It something I have always suspected but the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon and using the our cycles app have certainly confirmed for me beyond a doubt that these cycles do have a daily and monthly impact on all of us.

  29. The Ourcycle app is an extraordinary tool and what is so amazing is that is both for women and men. It makes complete sense to me that men have a cycle just like women and I have been fortunate enough to observe my brother in-law uses the app and share how it is for him once connecting to himself in this way.

  30. Beautifully written Lee, I can feel your joy in the tender connection you have made with your body and how honouring you are of your cycle. Menopausal women share the same cycle as men, just in case there is someone reading this that is not in the know and the Our Cycle App caters for us as well.

  31. A beautiful and illuminating sharing there Lee, thank you for you opennesss and willingness to really go there and explore what this means for you, and to be an inspiration to other men and indeed women to explore what this time of clearing means for you.

  32. Beautiful blog Lee I have to admit I had to get over my judgement that a man can express so openly and tenderly about having a period, so thanks for that exposer.

  33. I love seeing and hearing how dedicated you are to connecting to yourself and honouring the beauty within you. You are amazing!

  34. It’s wonderful for men to have a way to connect to themselves to feel how they are when aware of cycles in their lives. It’s no longer women’s business, it’s for us all. Men living in self awareness is a huge blessing no doubt at all.

    1. Yes and allowing themselves to do so. It is not just for women to live in awareness of their bodies, this is for men too! We have to have that conversation because men have a tenderness they are rarely encouraged to express openly and equally are statistically worse at asking for help and statistically more likely to suicide… that is a big call out for us to encourage men to build a greater awareness of their bodies rhythms and for every one of us to encourage each other to be free to express that without ridicule.

  35. I love how the cycle is now so obvious in a mans life- it’s incredbile how much can be felt and admitted honestly when we do deeply connect to ourselves.

  36. This is the first blog that I have read in relation to a mans cycle. I have been privy to some of the symptoms and behavior through my husbands experience and so feel I have some understanding because of this. The bravery you have shown through publicly proclaiming your experiences is truly touching, thanks Lee.

  37. Absolutely beautiful Lee, I am touched to see a man write so detailed and with so much care to their cycle, and yes indeed their period! It is a little funny, simply because we have made it almost taboe and secret, and now seemingly it is exposed that it is so normal. I love it. And it is so important that all our men welcome this inner-cycle and so their period by each full moon, just as we as women need to honor our periods to the deepest honor we can.

  38. It made me giggle to hear your dinner conversation about you starting your period and I realised how unfamiliar it was to hear a man claim his space in that way. Good on you! and great that your family went there and supported you too.

  39. I never gave myself these ‘stop’ moments or timeout, ‘because of the stop, the opportunity to have timeout, the stay at home, rest required, something that I had never given myself’. My periods finished before Universal Medicine and its many teachings existed, so I never gained the understanding of the importance of my periods, and honouring my body, whilst still having them. What a blessing to have the understandings we now have.

  40. I too find it interesting on the days I don’t write in the OurCycles App. It is usually because I am feeling too tired at the end of the day to make notes but really it is a question as to how supportive and loving my choices have been leading up to that moment. I have also noticed at times when my day has not been so great I did not want to write in the App. I felt the resistance to not wanting to feel the choices I had made during the day but dismissed it and not claimed this feeling until now. Thank you Lee for sharing such a beautiful blog.

  41. When it comes to periods people instantly have the belief that it’s a thing only women experience. But even in it’s basic definition period just means a marked section within a cycle, what we do and what occurs in that period seems to be the main focus and yet as you’ve shared here Lee you’ve worked along side the full moon cycle and put in place a period to reflect, discard and re-imprint your life. I never really saw it in this way before, Thank you.

  42. The honesty that pours forth from your beautiful blog Lee is so refreshing and I could feel some tears starting to arise as I read; tears of joy for what you have come to know about you and your body and for the men who are being offered your lived experience and wisdom. A heartfelt thank you from me for sharing this with the world.

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