Esoteric Breast Massage ­– Connecting to my Inner Divine Beauty

by Loretta Rappos (Nurse, Midwife) Melbourne, Australia

I just left an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) session feeling awesome!

I was fully in my body, and feeling claimed as a woman.

I felt my natural inner beauty! – which, by the way, was always there deep within me.  I made a choice to connect and allow my inner beauty to blossom – like a rose in flower.  Every part of my body was filled with this incredible feeling of love – love for self, and with it came a surrender of my hardness across my chest. Some kind of false protection and nervous tension released from the top of my shoulders – anxiety, just in case what I felt was going to be horrible, or a revelation that something was deeply wrong with me…. that I may not be good enough, not worthy of love equating to self-loathing.  All what is not true!

What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am!  Now I can share that quality with everyone I meet, and be a true inspiration and reflection for others – by opening my heart and letting them in.  How awesome will that be!  Me being all of me!

Thanks Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who developed this beautiful, deeply nurturing and gentle massage for women, provided by women practitioners.

51 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage ­– Connecting to my Inner Divine Beauty

  1. “What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am!” So why do we sometimes try to complicate the simple beauty that we naturally are?

  2. It is empowering, inspiring and very humbling to realise and feel the depth of our sacredness and that this is who we are, and that this quality when connected, to effortlessly reflects the depth of divine beauty, wisdom, power and grace we naturally all hold.

  3. Yes Loretta, all that is ever required of us is to be ourselves in full. ‘To be or not to be.’ this is our own design … we set ourselves up one way or the other through our every thought, word and movement.

  4. Thank you Loretta I have also found that EBMs support me to fully inhabit my body and claim my relationship with myself as a woman which continues to deepen as I allow this relationship to unfold.

  5. Yes, just being the love we naturally are and sharing that with everyone keeps life simple.

    1. And in dropping the layers of protection that we have built up we then reflect this possibility to others.

  6. Yes, we only have to be our awesome, delicate and love filled selves, ‘What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am’.

  7. A beautiful sharing of the tender power of the Esoteric Breast Massage when we let go of all the hindrances that keep us from feeling the amazing being we are.

  8. Loretta thank you for sharing your experience, for myself I found with the Esoteric Breast Massage that it was the first steps to allowing myself to truly connect to myself as a woman, and to truly feel all the hurts that I had let stop me from expressing all that I am.

  9. ‘What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am!’ Thank you Loretta this is just what I needed to read this morning as I go out to share myself with the world.

  10. Esoteric Healing sessions are incredible. We get the opportunity to reconnect to who we are and the amazing beauty of that we are. They provide that constant marker for how far away we live from this. Thank God they are here to provide that.

  11. This is a great testimony to the power of an EBM Loretta as the sincerity in your expression is felt deeply.

  12. Having EBM’s does help us to surrender to the love and delicateness we are as women in my experience, it is a truly divine modality.

  13. Loretta, I feel your lightness as you let go of all the impositions you’d placed on yourself and then you’re free to be you in the world, how gorgeous and simple is that. It’s all there for us, all we need to let go and be ourselves.

  14. A beautiful testimonial for when we surrender to all that an Esoteric Breast Massage can reveal to us and reconnect to the innate beauty of the woman you are.

  15. I really like reading these short appreciative messages, only if everyday people incorporated expressions like these into their everyday lives.

    I suspect we would see positive change.

  16. Beautiful to read Loretta, the surrendering to the love you are, and letting go of the anxiety, hardness and protection that we carry, to be with the true you, heavenly indeed.

  17. Thank you for sharing your experience it was a pleasure to read. The EBM modality is truly heaven sent, connecting women to their innate beauty and amazingness and reminding them that the feelings you describe are in fact normal compared to what they usually live in….whilst also allowing them to reflect this to other women and inspire this in them too.

  18. Letting go of protection, expectation, anxiety – in fact any of the ways we use to maintain control is such a huge step but so very rewarding. When we do master this challenge and let ourselves discover the who is really underneath all the rubble, life is magical.

  19. This is a joyous blog to read Loretta thank you for sharing your experience of the EBM modality. Letting go of the hardness and surrendering to the inner divine beauty that all women share is such a freeing experience and one we can deepen the more we choose to align to the innate sacredness of the woman.

  20. This blog is a clear testimony of the power of the Esoteric Breast Massage, a heavenly technique grounded by Serge Benhayon. The feeling of surrendering to it has to be amazing.

  21. Loretta it is just beautiful to read and feel your words as they capture so simply the power of the Esoteric Breast Massage, a modality that supports us to reclaim the awesomeness we are as women. Love it!

  22. Self loving Loretta you got me already with your first two sentences. It is an awesome feeling to feel you when you are in your body and it reminds me to be in my body as well – wunderbar.

  23. Beautiful Loretta. Thank you for sharing your joy. “ Some kind of false protection and nervous tension released from the top of my shoulders” – isn’t it just amazing when we realise what we have been holding for so long was actually ‘false’?

  24. Indeed thank you Serge Benhayon for this beautiful modality that offers deep healing. Thank you for sharing Loretta.

  25. It’s wonderful to read a post that is so full of joy Loretta! When we are in a session and we actually truly connect to the inner woman, that almost indescribable inner exquisiteness, it truly can blow us away. I remember during a session, dropping through the layers of numbness and protection and getting my first glimpse of who I truly am – and it was amazing – and incredibly joyful!

  26. Loretta, what a lovely sharing of your Esoteric Breast Massage, I can feel the joy and lightness in you. The Esoteric Breast Massage is such an amazing modality, supporting women to deeply connect and to honour and appreciate how beautiful we truly are.

  27. The EBM modality is truly power-full. Forget out of the water it blows all those negative thoughts and justifications of protection, holding back, worthlessness out of the universe! Thank you Loretta for the reminder that nothing outside of that feeling of our true selves – for me currently it is a sense of standing 12ft tall, my chest and shoulders feeling relaxed and open and a warmth in my hands and heart – is true and any thoughts or motions that shut this down are by all means not true and thus keeping us small and held back.

  28. Your JOY felt absolutely Loretta! Such is the grace of the EBM modality together with the grace of the woman and her innate grand beauty on show for all to see and bathe in.

  29. Thank you Loretta for sharing your experience of an Esoteric Breast Massage. I remember being full of trepidation when I first booked an EBM session, ‘What was this all about?’ ‘What would be exposed?’ etc. It was the most nurturing and tender session I had ever experienced and, yes, my body did show me where I was being hard on myself and protecting myself against the world but it also showed me that under all this I am a beautiful, tender, loving woman. I now book a regular EBM and very much welcome the session to check-in with my body with the beautiful me.

    1. I agree, Mary: EBM’s are deeply honouring way of re connecting with our natural qualities of tenderness and beauty. For myself, I find it inspiring to be honoured so by another woman in this way. It is a truly nurturing modality that supports we women in re connecting with our absolute womanly qualities.

  30. Yes, EBM’s do release all the hardness and hurt we armour ourselves with and, as you recount here, it can be quite instantaneous to go from the armour straight back to love.

  31. Gorgeous Loretta, thank you. My experience of the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) has been that it is a truly supportive and deeply healing modality that fully honours the absolute preciousness of a women and allows her the space to re-connect to the absolute love she is. I recently had an EBM session and find that with each treatment my level of surrender into the “true me” deepens. This leaves me with a new knowing of who I truly am and like you say gives me an opportunity to take this true me out into the world. The EBM is a powerful modality supporting women to re-connect to their innate stillness, wisdom, nurturing ways and abundance of love which then gives you the opportunity to look at what gets in the way of living in this natural state. A women living without the ideals and beliefs placed on her by society and living from connection to her true self is a blessing for all. I have much appreciation for Serge Benhayon for developing this modality and for the women only EBM practitioners who have supported me to re-connect to the precious women I naturally am.

  32. It is Beautiful to feel the Joy through your blog. And this sentence ” What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am!” captures how simple it is if we make the choice to just be, instead of doing…

  33. This sings appreciation and self-love. It is very inspiring to read how connecting to who you are, it allows a light, full feeling that is felt by everyone.
    How gorgeous.

  34. Thank you Loretta for sharing your experiences and inspiring us that we all can surrender deeper to the love that is already within, once we are able to do this anything that is not love be it anxiousness, self doubt or judgement can not stay with us. Your experience shows us that we are all love if we can choose to surrender deeper to the true women within.

  35. “What was amazing was that there was nothing to do, just be… be the love that I naturally am!”
    What an awesome revelation to come to. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Loretta and confirming the simplicity of being the love we most naturally are and expressing from there. Beautiful.

  36. ‘I was fully in my body, and feeling claimed as a woman’. I agree, Loretta. Having Esoteric Breast Massages with the specially trained female practitioners of Universal Medicine is a super way to bring us back to ourselves so we deeply experience and remember the womanliness we really are.

  37. This is beautiful Loretta, and absolutely my experience too. The esoteric breast massage is an amazing modality that supports women immensely to embody and live the beauty that they naturally are – and how much the world around us benefits, when we embody our true beauty.

  38. You’ve expressed it so well…! when you said: “Some kind of false protection and nervous tension released from the top of my shoulders – anxiety, just in case what I felt was going to be horrible, or a revelation that something was deeply wrong with me…. that I may not be good enough, not worthy of love equating to self-loathing. All what is not true!” It is certainly, Not true! Thank you for sharing your experience with such a clarity and simplicity.

  39. The Esoteric Breast Massage is such an amazing modality. What is truly beautiful is it unlocks our own wisdom and Love so that we can then re-introduce this to ourselves. There are very few modalities that offer us the means to support ourselves. Most modalities are a short term fix, in that they offer you a relief that you soon need again to sustain the results of the treatment. The Esoteric Breast massage on the other hand offers us a new platform that we can build upon on our own if we so choose and so when we next choose to have another Esoteric Breast Massage it is more expansive than the last. It is not a sustaining modality rather it is a modality that offers self-expansion. It is beautiful what you have shared Loretta, enjoy your exquisiteness.

  40. Hi Loretta,
    I just returned from an EBM to read your post and I too have just experienced a release across my chest and heart. I felt, with some encouragement from the practitioner, myself let go of the protection on my left side and allow myself to connect deeply with myself and her – whereas before I nominated the protection I was holding me back from both of us!! After the session I feel a softness and gentleness both in myself and towards the world – which is delicious. That is to say – I am delicious! I second your thanks to Universal Medicine and all the practitioners who are able to assist us to this point of connection.

  41. How simply awesome, Loretta! I too feel that divine feeling of inner gorgeous-ness, total loveliness, coming out of every pore, especially after an esoteric breast massage. The massages seem to help me access the beauty/love inside me, that while I somehow just always knew was there, I couldn’t access on my own.

  42. Wow I like how you just surrendered to the love you already are and how the hardness around your chest left. Feels awesome Loretta. Thank you for sharing and Enjoy being you fully claimed.

  43. Beautiful Loretta, you have summed up Esoteric Breast Massage so simply and so beautifully, the power it has to let us, as women, deeply connect to our true expression and allow that out for the world to see. It is such a deeply nurturing and sacred technique that fully honours the woman, a true gift to us all. And yes a BIG, BIG Thank You to Serge and the Unimed practitioners, a deeply dedicated and sincere team.

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