Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel

by Heather Pope, Sydney, Australia

This morning I was woken at 1:20am with a call from a work colleague who needed some help for one of our customers.

I work for a large multi-national company managing a team of people, and we have customers all over the world. The call only took a few moments but as I lay there afterwards (wishing I could fall back to sleep, but with work issues now running through my head) I began to ponder this work life I am living, and wonder if others in the world are living similarly.

Then I received a text from one of my (several) bosses about another issue which I replied to (at 1:30am). This boss lives in Singapore where it was 11:30pm, and he replied.

And so my work day had begun, and indeed I wondered, did it ever end…

My pondering went along these lines: I reflected on the amazing work the company receives from me. Few people will appreciate the dedication of a person who makes themselves available for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My last meeting today will finish at 6:45pm if I am lucky, and I will work solidly from 7am to then. I reflected on how I knew the answer to support the person who needed help at that time. I have been at the same company for over 10 years, as have many of my peers, and we know how to resolve issues by being a team of people working together. Then I reflected on how valuable I am to this company, but in all likelihood most of my managers will never know it. Then I had a small but delightful thought: it doesn’t matter if they know it – I know it. And for the first time in many months I felt the joy of feeling my worth in this job.

The reflections and thoughts that led to this feeling of appreciation for myself came about following an Esoteric Women’s Presentation given by Natalie Benhayon in February 2013. I have been attending and listening to Natalie’s presentations on what it is to live as a woman in today’s world for more than a year now and have found that the practical wisdom on offer there is invaluable.

At the February presentation Natalie presented many topics, but there was one sentence that stuck with me and has literally changed my experience of life.  She asked if we talk to ourselves – either in our heads, or out loud. I thought about it and immediately thought “I talk to myself in my head all the time“. Over the next 48 hours this question stuck with me, and what I began to realise is that the thoughts in my head are like a ticker tape from an old telegraph machine. They are a constant stream of thoughts – about work, about meetings, about issues with friends, about what I want to eat, about what else I need to do that day… and so on and so on. My waking thoughts every morning were about whether I “did well” the day before, or about the things I should have completed but I am now behind schedule with. But do I ever really speak to me? – the answer was NO!  

A couple of days later I tried an experiment on impulse – I had been to have an Esoteric Massage with Curtis Benhayon who is a practitioner offering healing sessions in Northern NSW. The session was deeply nurturing and I found myself to have a delicate stillness in me when I left. I was travelling back to the airport to catch a plane home.  I really wanted to capture what we had spoken about that was showing up in my body so I could work with it in the coming weeks before my next session. Since I was alone I decided to make a recording (using my phone) of what I had learned. So I recorded a message to myself – and this was a life changing few minutes. I spoke to my-self for what felt like the first time ever. My voice was loving and caring. I could also feel a decided anxiousness, almost an embarrassment at speaking to myself. But despite that I spoke, and it was incredible. I spoke to myself of the beauty of my own voice, I spoke of the amazingness of me, I made myself nominate some of the truly extraordinary choices I have made in the last 10 years. I say “made myself” because I have found it very difficult to appreciate my own choices and accomplishments. This time I said it.

The next day I listened to the recording and it immediately reconnected me with me. Over the coming days I listened to it again, reminding myself to speak to my-self and not just allow the incessant train of thoughts to dominate. In the days that followed, I made more recordings – very simple and very short. I can feel that these steps help me to truly speak to me. They help to re-imprint the ticker tape pattern and replace it with loving messages from me to me.

Inspired by the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

524 thoughts on “Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel

  1. So funny I should come across this blog just as I was thinking about the work demands I have had put on me, I love what you share here Heather basically the more we change that inner voice to one of pure appreciation the more purposeful, loving and joyful our lives become – simple!

  2. I have found when I slow down and my movements become more precise I am less likely to let in jumbled up thoughts in, when I am racey I have noticed all manor of thoughts I let in and they do nothing but create mischief and chaos.

  3. There are valuable lessons in the small moments of life. I remember reading this blog a couple of years ago and giving this recording thing a go. It really brings an awareness to the way we are speaking, & the quality of our voice. Often i find it quite uncomfortable to listen to my own voice and I think many people do too, perhaps it is because the reflection is so honest that sometimes it is difficult for us to see where we are at.

  4. Gorgeous blog Heather. When we truly appreciate ourselves all judgement drops away, we feel our self-worth and then what another thinks or says is water off a ducks back. Appreciating and confirming our being has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing and how we face each day.

  5. The degrading and unsupportive thoughts we have come from outside of ourselves, we aren’t born that way, I would say that talking to ourselves with love and care is part of the way to re-establish the true inner essence we are.

  6. If we do not speak lovingly to ourselves then how can we expect others to treat us with the love and respect we deserve? The reflections in our life when seen and accepted for what they are offering us support us to deepen the love for ourselves.

  7. Replacing the empty chitter-chatter of the busy mind with the simplicity of sounding our true voice is a simple but effective repositioning that allows us to move unencumbered by the seeming weight we otherwise carry.

  8. I like that Heather very honouring and respectful for yourself. It is amazing if we give ourselves space what we would lovingly say or allow ourselves to feel. The mind ‘ticker tape’ does not ever stop .. BUT we can.

  9. Listening to our own voice recorded is interesting, how often do we do it and think yuck…in my case it was often. This much self dismissal breeds low self esteem. Learning to embrace ourselves, our voices, our bodies what we have to bring to life is so important….how can this happen…for me steady self loving choices, supported by an honesty and growing understanding that love is loved from within.

  10. It is very true that we do not appreciate who we are enough, for when we do we get to know and feel in our bodies the truth of who we are is so much more worth embracing and celebrating over the chatter of our minds that so often leads us feeling worthless.

  11. Talking to ourselves with love and holding ourselves in love….why don’t we…. why in the world have we got this idea that we Love others but we get embarrassed and hold back about loving ourselves…The truth is we simply can not Love another, we are here to Live love and that be felt by all not a special few. True Love is a power that resides within and emanates and we are here to shine, not be a dull weak shadow of ourselves, and talking to ourselves with Love and respect is the way to start.

    1. Beautiful Samantha a real understanding of true love as the foundation of our lives our work ,how we think and how we feel about ourselves and others and our true expression and power within.

      1. Thank you, Yes, in a sense it is very practical, Love is not elusive or transatory, it is just that we loss focus and think it is something else. If can be the bedrock of our being and this can grow, when we chose to be honest and responsible in our everyday day life with ourselves and each other.

    2. I love this.. why in the world don’t we give ourselves permission to love ourselves as we love others, and so often seek to be loved by them? It is super inspiring to see another fully embracing themselves and loving and living as all they are, no holding back, just going for it in every way- inspiring because we feel that love shining out of them and also know it to be true for ourselves, ie know that it is possible to feel and live this way too.

      1. I agree, so inspiring to see it lived in another, waking up in another, being reflected in someone you know or a stranger. Love is universal and if we want to talk energy, we all can relate to the truth that Love is energetic, and we all know it when we truly feel it, and yes we know it in others because we know it within ourselves. Says so much this awareness and very much something to consider.

    3. It would seem that we have become far more familiar with expressing what is not love than we have with expressing what is love. The only way to turn this around is to make that which is unfamiliar more familiar by reacquainting ourselves with it.

  12. There is so much value in deepening our self acceptance and self love and also a foundation where our insecurities can start to fade a way.

  13. Much more worth or worthwhile in appreciating what we have brought in all our beauty and fullness than just focusing on our moments of disconnection and beratting ourselves for our failings. In truth our failings our often where we do not honour ourself and are purely focused on a particular outcome or investment.

    1. I agree, appreciating what feels true, what lights us up and what nurtures us and being understanding, but not pandering in the times we chose otherwise is the only way to develop our self worth and self love.

  14. What are we putting our bodies through? The norm is to abuse and obliterate, we stay up when we clearly need to sleep, we eat things that clearly make us feel unwell, we exercise to keep fit and healthy but ironically are sometimes left with torn muscles, ligaments and broken bones. People say why weren’t we taught to take care of our bodies, but why do we need to be taught that? How have we disconnected so much that we need to be taught what is innate and natural?

  15. I love this sharing Heather, so simple to replace our ticker tape with loving messages to ourselves and we all have the means to do it too, very inspiring.

  16. Wow Heather I love what you have shared here. I cannot ever remember reading this blog before. I am going to give this a go myself. Talking to yourself in this way is very cool.

  17. I can really feel in what you have written how easy it is to turn those negative thoughts around into self-confirming one and this does make all the difference.

  18. Great inspiration Heather – loving messages to ourselves are so needed for women everywhere who I am sure can connect to the image of the constant ticker tape running through their minds which always sets us up to feel less than. It is only when we start to build appreciation for ourselves as women that we embrace loving ourselves deeply and speaking to ourselves in a loving way.

  19. The way in which we speak to ourself can be really powerful and I love what you’ve shared here – the commitment to re-imprinting and deepening how you are with yourself, that no doubt has a ripple effect on all other relationships in your life.

  20. What a wonderful idea, recording a loving message to yourself on your phone, I will give it a go sometime, and then you can replay when you feel to, ‘The next day I listened to the recording and it immediately reconnected me with me.‘

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