Menopause – Not the Poisoned Chalice you Might Think it is

by Dragana Brown, London, UK

There is a misapprehension (or two, or three…) and a certain (stale) air around menopause which says (in an unspoken way) that a woman has reached her best before – or even worse, her expiry date – when menopause looms.

So what happens if the ‘use by’ date occurs during your unripe and not ready-to-be-written-off-the-shelf age? Continue reading “Menopause – Not the Poisoned Chalice you Might Think it is”

Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel

by Heather Pope, Sydney, Australia

This morning I was woken at 1:20am with a call from a work colleague who needed some help for one of our customers.

I work for a large multi-national company managing a team of people, and we have customers all over the world. The call only took a few moments but as I lay there afterwards (wishing I could fall back to sleep, but with work issues now running through my head) I began to ponder this work life I am living, and wonder if others in the world are living similarly.

Then I received a text from one of my (several) bosses about another issue which I replied to (at 1:30am). This boss lives in Singapore where it was 11:30pm, and he replied.

And so my work day had begun, and indeed I wondered, did it ever end… Continue reading “Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel”

‘To Do’ Lists: Drive and Distraction

By Leonne, Brisbane

Today I have been feeling incredibly distracted. I have been beginning task after task and feeling as though I am not getting anywhere at all. I have been able to feel that what I really want to do is write this blog but until this moment I have found a way to distract myself by doing everything but blog writing!

Distraction has been a theme throughout my life.

When I was in primary school (aged about 7 or 8) I received a report card that stated ‘Leonne is easily distracted and distracts others’. I remember feeling quite pleased about this; I did not like this particular teacher very much and I was glad she could tell that I did not find her particularly engaging. I was doubly happy that my ability to influence the behaviour of others had been confirmed by a grownup. I equated being a distraction with being entertaining, fun, influential and popular. Up until this point I had been a model student and I watched my parents closely for any reaction to this news about my behaviour, but there was no negative reaction and they seemed to think the comment was rather amusing. It is not surprising that the words ‘easily distracted’ and ‘distracts others’ appeared on many of my report cards over the next eight years! Continue reading “‘To Do’ Lists: Drive and Distraction”

From Revulsion to Celebration and the wonders of the Esoteric Breast Massage

 by Kate Greenaway, Physiotherapist, Australia

Over the last 6 years I have been having Esoteric Breast Massages (EBM) from different fully qualified and trained practitioners with Universal Medicine. This is a wonderfully supportive and nurturing healing modality which has helped me let go of many old restrictive beliefs around what it is to be a woman and especially, a menopausal woman. Continue reading “From Revulsion to Celebration and the wonders of the Esoteric Breast Massage”

True Relationships: from Abuse to Love with Grace

by Adele Leung, Fashion Stylist/Art Director, Hong Kong

From 15 years of age onwards, there has been almost no break in the intimate relationships in my life. Every man that I have been with I thought I would marry.

Until three years ago: I got divorced from my marriage of two years because of an affair. My divorce was in fact a period of grace for me.  It was my meeting with Grace.

Continue reading “True Relationships: from Abuse to Love with Grace”

My Dream Job as a Bra Advisor – Reflections on Nurturing in the Service Industry

by Shevon Simon, UK

From a very young age I’ve always wanted to serve. Serve humanity and help. I couldn’t wait to work, not only for the financial gain but to put my skills and willingness to the test. I began my first job at 16 in a shoe shop. I did well, as I always wanted to provide people with the best experience. I was honest, never sold them anything they didn’t really want just to get a sale, and I was one of the top sales people. I was soon inspired to move onto a company who paid their staff more and treated them better. Continue reading “My Dream Job as a Bra Advisor – Reflections on Nurturing in the Service Industry”

My Experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Hair Loss and Wig Shopping

by Linda, Brisbane, Australia

After reading Rachel Mascord’s inspirational post, LOVE – falling in love with my own hair, I felt to write about my own experience.

I lost most of my hair several years ago with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Androgenic Alopecia. PCOS is a complex hormone disorder that may be defined by symptoms such as irregular or absent periods, acne, hair loss, hirsutism, insulin resistance (diabetes) and fertility issues. Women diagnosed with PCOS can present with a unique combination of symptoms at varying levels of severity. Continue reading “My Experience with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Hair Loss and Wig Shopping”

Hanging up my Invisibility Cloak – Being Foreign no longer an Excuse

by Fumiyo Egashira, Japan

For a long time, being a foreigner was a great excuse for me not to be fully present and accountable in life.

When I first moved to the UK I didn’t speak the language. It seemed like people quickly judged that there’s not much point trying to engage with me. Whenever I didn’t understand something, instead of asking questions I just grinned – trying to appear harmless and friendly.

Soon I realized that many people were treating me as half a person who wouldn’t speak up for myself. This was very annoying – however when I was not fully showing up in life, taking responsibility, what could I expect? Continue reading “Hanging up my Invisibility Cloak – Being Foreign no longer an Excuse”

The Invitation Breast Cancer brings – a Deeper Self-examination

Adrienne Ryan, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

I am a 46 year old woman and have watched women in my family and at work undergo treatment for breast cancer, including mastectomy. It is a particularly distressing illness because the thought of losing a mother, daughter, partner, sister, child, aunty, grandma, friend, colleague or even an acquaintance to breast cancer is deeply devastating. Its increase, along with ovarian cancer, is something to be talked about at every opportunity – Why is breast cancer killing and affecting so many women?

In an article referring to Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy it was noted that: “Currently, women facing a strong likelihood of developing breast cancer have only two real options – to have both of their breasts removed (a double mastectomy) or hope that it will never actually happen”. (1) Continue reading “The Invitation Breast Cancer brings – a Deeper Self-examination”

My Teenage Years – Discovering What are Periods Really About

Anonymous, UK

I want to share an aspect of the journey I have been on with my periods and my relationship with them. There are many chapters to the story of where I now stand as a woman and I will cover those in later blogs.

I have had my periods for a few years now, so not very long. In the years before getting my first period I felt an enormous pressure to have a period. I remember most of the pressure wasn’t spoken and it mainly came from myself, but there was one girl who openly told me that at the age of 12/13 not having my periods was weird, and that there was something wrong with me.

Looking back I know without a doubt that this was utter rubbish. I remember very well the difficulty of going through puberty in high school/middle school, and that it was at this time that most girls’ body issues began. Continue reading “My Teenage Years – Discovering What are Periods Really About”