Painful Periods – Nurturing Doesn’t Always mean Horizontal!

by Leonne 

During my last cycle I had a very painful and heavy period. Thankfully, the most painful day of this period fell on a weekend and I did not have to work. Over the last year, I have been tracking my period using the OurCycles period diary app. Prior to this I had taken a contraceptive pill for 12 years to control a skin condition, so consequently I was very out of touch with my body’s natural rhythm (See my Blog: Acne, My Skin, My Diet and Me). As I have tracked my period I have found that when I have an intense month prior to my period, it is often more painful and heavier. Many things had come up for me in the month prior to my painful period, so I understood that my body was telling me something.

On the Saturday morning when I woke in pain, I was gentle and loving with myself.

  • I had a warm shower
  • dressed myself in soft comfortable clothing
  • got myself a blanket and snuggled up on the couch to watch some of my favourite TV shows.

Usually this course of action would make me feel better, however the pain seemed to intensify the more I ‘rested’.

I realised I was feeling anxious about work.

As the pain grew, I noticed that I could feel an anxiousness about the work week ahead; I knew I had many commitments and would be working long hours and that I needed to prepare meals for myself for the entire week. After all, my period was showing me the consequences of my lack of nurturing in the previous month and I knew I did not want to experience that again.

I had a very strong feeling that watching TV on the couch was not what I truly needed to be doing at that moment. By now the pain was so intense I was having trouble walking… despite this I got dressed and drove to the shops to buy groceries that would enable me to prepare meals for the week ahead (even though my head was telling me this was a crazy idea).

  • I was very gentle and loving with myself when I went to buy groceries
  • I moved slowly and deliberately
  • I managed the pain by staying very present and conscious of what I was doing in each moment
  • I only carried 2 bags at a time instead of 6
  • I was in no hurry whatsoever

Although I was still in pain, it seemed to be subsiding and I began to enjoy the experience of shopping with me.

What is True Nurturing?

When I got home I started to cook with this same conscious presence, the anxiousness I had felt was gone. As I was chopping vegetables I became aware that my body felt lovely… and lo and behold I was no longer in an ounce of pain. I could still feel my delicateness and fragility but the tension and pain in my body had completely disappeared. I recalled what Natalie Benhayon presented at the International Women’s Day event – that true nurturing is about doing exactly what is needed at the exact time it is needed. This experience made perfect sense – I realised I had always equated resting with nurturing, however I have now felt that this is simply not the case.

Through using the OurCycles app and the support of the women’s groups and presentations I attend, I have discovered that my period can be a time of great beauty and stillness. It is also a time my body speaks to me loud and clear and I can use these messages to adjust the way I live to be more loving, supportive and nurturing of me. I have very much enjoyed playing with what true nurturing might be and discovering how important my cycles and rhythms are in supporting my ability to nurture.

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Natalie Benhayon and all the wonderful women in this world who have reflected the joy and beauty inherent in being a woman, enabling me to discover this for myself

244 thoughts on “Painful Periods – Nurturing Doesn’t Always mean Horizontal!

  1. “my period can be a time of great beauty and stillness.” This is precious wisdom for all young girls and women to honour the sacredness of their body.

  2. Periods offer us the most amazing opportunity to truly listen to our bodies – when we truly listen we evolve in every single way.

  3. This is such a beautiful and profound reminder of what true nurturing is and how we all hold the ability to know how to live in a nurturing way as it is simply is all about honouring ourselves in every moment and responding to the impulses of what is needed.

  4. I could have sworn that nurturing is taking a hot bath, doing your nails and hair, taking time to do your make up etc. But this has made me realise that it is not the case, when we take a bath, and sit on the couch to watch TV – when that is not what is needed to support the body, we can go into a feeling of weakness, like we are unable to cope with what’s ahead of us – hence the anxiety you were feeling. If however, we commit to being present to each moment and giving it our best, the anxiety disappears and what needs to be done becomes obvious and an easy next step.

  5. I recently had the most dreadful cold and amongst this knew that my period was arriving. What allowed me to surrender more in the body to release the cold was the care I have taken in the lead up.

  6. There is more to nurturing than resting as you show in this blog, ‘ I realised I had always equated resting with nurturing, however I have now felt that this is simply not the case.’

  7. I love this.. showing that true nurturing is only ever about doing what it is needed, at the exact time that it is needed. So that could mean that we need to prepare for the week ahead, we need to work longer hours one evening, or go and do something that doesn’t fit our picture of what nurturing should look or feel like.
    No pictures and no perfection, just an endless letting go of both of those, as we develop our listening to what our body really needs and feels like, all of the time.

  8. Presence with the body and listening is beautifully simple. As you mention when we start to get ahead of ourselves that is when the anxiousness comes in… and we are not even there yet.

  9. This is so supportive Leonne and I can feel how the nurturing comes from how we are in the activity that we have felt is true for us so that it does not only encompass certain things that we see as being nurturing but that we can nurture ourselves e.g. at work in the way we are within what we need to get done.

  10. The way we often ‘do nurturing’ is as a recovery mission when we are over tired or stressed to bring us back, though as you share with a quality of presence and connection with our bodies we can simply be with what is which is nurturing in and of itself.

    1. Absolutely being nurturing with ourselves means we are less likely to have to recover from overdoing it in any area because we are in constant dialogue with our bodies so we are not overriding what is needed in any moment.

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