Time to Change My Period

by Anonymous

I’m going to talk about the horrors of my period, what I have been through and how over the years I have been able to change it according to how I live on a daily basis.

At first I didn’t have the same dreadful pain that my other friends had. I was really happy to have my period but as the years went on the symptoms started to really kick in. I didn’t get any of those hormonal periods where you shout and groan about the pain. I remember that as the pain got more and more intense there was still a level of enjoyment of it, even though it was strong.

I felt I understood the nature of its process as I began to observe each aspect of my period. (blood clotting, different colours that the blood came out as, I was also interested in the fact that a woman had to lose a lot of blood each month coming out of her own vagina). It helped me give attention to my body and also respect it by looking after it with a pad. I thought I was too young to use a tampon and I remember seeing what it had looked like in a movie called ‘She’s the Man’ where the main character pretends to be a boy and gets caught using a tampon and then sticks it up her nose, I found that quite funny and disgusting at the same time. The characters were playing around with this thing that you stick up yourself, which put me off a bit. It’s quite nasty the things you can do with a tampon.

Before I had started my period we had a class at school about how to use one and the health rules about applying a pad every three or two hours. It was a whole other responsibility to take other than just doing daily tasks like homework or the chores. It felt like a period of growing up. Continue reading “Time to Change My Period”

Nurturing -Taking a More Honest Look

by Alison Moir, UK

When I first heard the word Nurturing in the Esoteric Developers Women’s Group I just thought it was another word for me to bring into my daily living but I have come to realise it is so much more than this.  As I have brought this word into my every day living I have begun to feel a stronger connection with myself as a Woman. Nurturing brings out a gentleness in me that I have kept hidden from the world. As I learn to listen to my body and live from this deeper connection with myself,. I can see I have only just begun to scratch the surface of the word Nurturing and the gentle beauty it is bringing out in me.

With the above in mind, at the recent Esoteric Developers Women’s Group meeting in London, when Sara Williams opened the meeting by saying there were 2 key areas that we have been discussing over the last 3 months – they were Cycles and Nurturing and that we would be talking about Nurturing today, I have to admit there was an audible “Oh no not again” from me.

This wasn’t because I didn’t want to talk about Nurturing, but, since the last meeting I had become more aware of how little I truly nurture, and there was still a resistance in me, in wanting to look deeper and to accept and embrace nurturing and the gentleness it was bringing into my every day living. There was a part of me that wanted to hold onto my old ways.

This was because:- Continue reading “Nurturing -Taking a More Honest Look”

Body Hair – The Celebration of the Beauty that’s Inside Me – Inside us all

by Katerina Nikolaidis, Australia

The more I connect to the purity which I can feel inside my body, the more I feel the delicateness and loveliness I know is naturally me.

And the more I connect to this feeling, the more ‘stuff’ I’ve taken on that’s not delicate or lovely starts to pop up its hard and ugly head offering me a choice to make – do I want to hold on to these perceptions and ideas I’ve taken on about myself that push me down and ‘curse’ me as it were, so that I never truly claim how delicate I actually am?  OR… do I make the choice to feel those ugly bits without numbing myself or going into protection and hardening (not always easy!), and feeling instead how much they hurt to hold on to – so that gently and firmly, I am able to claim that all this does not belong in me and to my way of being?

One of these false ideas which has plagued me ever since I was twelve years old is the notion that ‘I have unattractive hair on my body’ and that therefore my body in its natural state is not worthy of being loved. The irony is that I was never actually ‘very hairy’, but back then I chose to believe I was…. Continue reading “Body Hair – The Celebration of the Beauty that’s Inside Me – Inside us all”