(There is nothing sexy about) An Esoteric Breast Massage

by Anne Malatt,  Australia

It took me years to come back for my second Esoteric Breast Massage.

I had my first one in the early days of the modality, after overcoming my initial misgivings – “that is weird”, “why do we need that?”, “ooh, that is going to cause waves”.

My first session was lovely in the sense of the setting and the practitioner, but there was nothing sexy about it. I did not like the feeling of having my breasts touched, so much so that I checked out – I left my body – and I came to realise that this is what I did every time someone touched my breasts. Which meant that I had not been truly present for any of the sex I had ever had (that was a lot of not being present!). This was very painful for me to feel.

There is a scene in the movie “Annie Hall” (Woody Allen), for those of us old enough to remember, where Woody asks Annie to have sex with him without getting stoned first. He likens having sex with someone who is stoned to getting laughs in a comedy club when people have been drinking – it doesn’t count. She agrees, reluctantly, and then leaves her body and sits on a chair by the bed and chats about something else. I had always identified with that scene, and it was very exposing to feel as a truth in my body that this was how I had been. It was also exposing to feel that if I had been love-less with myself, I could never have truly loved anyone else.

I spent the next several years working on self-love, making loving choices to develop more love in my body, and slowly learning to care for and nurture myself.

I did this with the help of practitioners of Esoteric Healing at Universal Medicine who helped me to feel the love I truly am, and to build that love in my body.

When I finally came back for another Esoteric Breast Massage it took a few sessions to actually get to my breasts: there was still so much guarding, so much hardness protecting so much sadness and lack of self-love.

We worked on my arms, on my lymphatics and slowly worked our way towards the breasts themselves, only doing what I was able to feel and still stay in my body. It was painful to feel how much sadness I held in my breasts, but I was lovingly helped to feel that this had been there all along, and I was being given an opportunity to let it go.

It took a while for me to surrender to the gentleness and beauty of the Esoteric Breast Massage, but when we finally went there, and I allowed myself to feel my breasts being massaged, I experienced a profound level of connection with myself, of stillness – the living stillness of love. That was well worth the wait.

There is nothing sexy about an Esoteric Breast Massage. But it can take you to a place where you feel who you truly are, know what being a true woman means, and you can feel truly lovely, perhaps for the first time ever.

140 thoughts on “(There is nothing sexy about) An Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. The Esoteric Breast Massage modality has enabled many women to reconnect to their natural delicateness and tenderness that has been buried beneath a hardness and protective outer layer. Returning to stillness within our body provides a true marker to reconnect to the natural qualities and sacredness we hold within as women and be able to express from our essence and true way of being.

  2. What wonders me is that with each EBM I have access to a very deep space of stillness that constantly resides within. It bridges me to that space and reminds me how grand and delicate I naturally am and with that, I can choose to embrace it in my everyday life. This is huge and possible at the same time… living/loving every ounce of myself

  3. This is a beautiful and honest account of having a breast massage and one I can very much relate to Anne. I didn’t want to admit that I checked out and left my body, and the times when I tried hard to focus on being present I was very critical of how hard and disconnected I was, especially with my breasts. With the loving understanding from a very gentle Esoteric practitioner I was able to feel that underneath the hardness was a very gentle loving delicate fragile woman, and the more I connected to this the more I was able to stay with myself and feel this. The Esoteric Breast Massage is so needed to support women to connect back to their inner beauty and sacredness and honour the woman she naturally is.

  4. A beautiful sharing Anne, I remember having a series of breast massages, with the tenderness of the practitioners touch I was able to feel so much of what I had shut up in a cage of protection, as the sessions progressed I was able to feel the delicateness and tenderness held within them, I love the feeling of cupping my breasts with my hands, feeling the love and warmth. there.

  5. It saddens me that most women do not even feel comfortable expressing their innate beauty and gorgeousness in every day life without the protection, hardening and guardedness most go into.

  6. How beautiful to bring this commitment to yourself, ‘I spent the next several years working on self-love, making loving choices to develop more love in my body, and slowly learning to care for and nurture myself.’

  7. The EBM is so lovely in that we cannot really hide any feelings from ourselves. If we allow, every choice we made is stored in our body and we will feel them in such a gentle and loving process of reconnecting with the love that is us. We can be transparent and albeit sometimes it can feel raw, but we touch ourselves in a deep place that as women that is what we are looking for, and that is within us.

  8. That we have signed over the breasts to the function of sex, is a travesty. Like every part of our body, they are multi-dimensional and significant in so many ways. It’s time we understood our body is an access point to the universe not just a collection of bones, muscles and organs.

  9. Seeing and feeling the self abusive choices that we make hurts deeply. But is a great start to reconnect back with the tenderness and beauty we really are and to make new self-loving choices that honour these precious qualities.

  10. Thanks Anne for sharing such a relatable experience with all of us. It invites me to be more aware the times that I ‘leave’ my body to not feel. When I check the phone and I get stuck scrolling in social media, when I give my power away to my thoughts, when I eat something that my body is not going to digest with ease…all are choices that I make that makes me feel tense, hard, more in my head and less light and tender, so why do I do? let’s reflect on it and maybe I will write another comment later on.

  11. Not being present to not feel…was so normal for me that I never questioned till I came in contact with Universal Medicine. I can still feel parts of my body that are numbed and the effects of not having claimed my sacredness in full. But I appreciate being aware of all of that, feeling like rediscovering my body for the first time, even though it can feel not comfortable at times. Having regular esoteric healing sessions is a huge support to connect more deeply with myself and to realize that I’m not anything that I thouught but grander from within.

  12. I’d agree theres nothing sexy or sexual about an Esoteric Breast Massage. What they are is exposing of how I have lived and honoured myself as a woman (or not!) and the last one (I’ve had about 4 in 4 years) was very sweet and tender.

  13. This is beautiful to read Anne, and I can very much relate, ‘I experienced a profound level of connection with myself, of stillness – the living stillness of love’.

  14. Stillness, expansion, depth of knowing who I as a woman, an authority in the gentleness I live and breath – yes this is how the EBM has supported me it is a fabulous modality.

  15. Having Esoteric Breast Massages has really supported me to reconnect to the amazing woman that has always resided within me, and to allow my womanly qualities to emanate as I live my daily life.

  16. During my first Esoteric breast massages I used to leave my body and my female practitioner would gently ask me to come back to me. Staying with myself during any healing session, especially a massage session, now enables me to stay present and feel the deliciousness of me and my body.

  17. Yes the Annie Hall moment is very exposing of the many loveless choices I have made prior to Universal Medicine and actively engaging in building self-loving ways to support myself.

  18. An EBM is definitely not sexy and can certainly, in my experience, be confronting of how much I had disengaged from myself as a woman but with the amazing support of EBM practitioners I have been on a journey of self discovery and reclaiming the beautiful and sexy woman within.

  19. Each EBM session has been new for me, always offering an opportunity to go deeper in my relationship with my breasts and my whole body as a woman… a big treasure to experience!

  20. Yes the idea of a breast massage can definitely be confronting. I too had a looooong gap between my first session and the 2nd. The first one I had was very eye opening. I was a DD cup and interestingly during the session, I literally didn’t feel my breasts at all. I felt like a man, like I had a chest and absolutely no breast tissue whatsoever. It was a very strange feeling to not feel someones hands on and around your breasts. I was so disconnected from them that it was like they didn’t exist. It gave me a lot to ponder on after that. The following sessions, years later slowly but surely but not completely, I started to be more aware of them and be able to feel them, but not always both at the same time.

  21. It is a godsend to have a modality available to us, such as Esoteric Breast Massage, that offers the space for us to re-connect to, confirm and honor the preciousness and sacredness of who we are as women. As in society today we general have succumbed to allowing our selves to be abused, in many ways both subtle and obvious and by ourselves and by others. And so to return to knowing and connecting to the stillness of our essence is to honor all that we truly are as women.

  22. And once we have made the connection and know what being a true woman means this is really only the beginning as we can then continue to go deeper . The Esoteric Breast Massage is great for deepening and strengthening this connection.

  23. What a powerful present is the Esoteric Breast Massage. Never imposing anything but very respectful and loving but also very profound in its healing. Your sharing is honest and gives a true insight of the grace of the EBM’s and how it gives us women the opportunity to connect to what is there to be felt in our breasts and to let go of what is in the way of being a true sexy woman. I choose to do several EBM’s throughout the year and it supports me in feeling my delicateness and live the woman I am in my daily life.

  24. I love the commitment you had to your own healing and recognizing the opportunity that the EBMs offered in that process, so that when you were ready, you allowed yourself to surrender and experience the profound level of connection that is possible when you truly connect to yourself as a woman. A powerful modality indeed.

  25. “I experienced a profound level of connection with myself, of stillness – the living stillness of love.” I now have Esoteric Breast Massage sessions twice a year and reconnect to the ‘living stillness of love’ and to the woman I am to a deeper level.

  26. Thank you Anne I can relate as I found the initial sessions over quite a period of time to be very exposing, as so much came up for me once I stepped back into the body I had deserted for so long . . . I can say now that it was so, so worth it as it was such a healing and a liberation to clear all the self loathing and disregard I been holding in my precious breasts for such a long time. The EBM’s have changed my life and have and still are assisting me to feel ever deepening levels of who I truly am as a woman who knows what she brings to the world – by simply being all she is – and loving herself deeply and intimately.

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