Letter to The Courier Mail: What is Going on?

by Adrienne Hutchins (nee Ryan), B.Ed, QLD, Australia

I would like to share a letter I sent to the Courier Mail in response to their weekend article…

Reading your article “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families” (Courier Mail Saturday 8-9 September 2012), I was disappointed to see the slandering of Serge Benhayon and such a bias towards the disgruntled few, in light of the many MEN and women throughout the world whose lives have been deeply enriched by the simple presentations of Serge and Universal Medicine.

Ironically, it was in your paper last weekend where I read of not one, but three diets to support people to bring back their vitality, energy and quality of life ­– all of which recommended removing or reducing sugar, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and dairy from the diet, and which advocated getting regular exercise and rest.

I say ‘bring back’, because as children, for the majority, this vitality and energy is natural. What happens to us as we grow older (and supposedly wiser and more intelligent) that leaves us needing fixes – caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, adrenalin rushes, music, TV, computer games, porn etc. – to pull us through the day, or reward us at the end of it?

In the face of a global health crisis, with diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, cancer and heart conditions widespread – not to mention anxiety and depression – is it not incredibly arrogant that we do not stop to ask, “what is going on?” To look at the quality of our own life in the simplest of ways and ask, “how do I sleep at night (including actually getting to sleep and staying asleep)” and “how does my body feel throughout the day (how often am I reaching for something to get me going or keep me going?)”.

It is confronting to ‘stock take’ our daily life using these markers, for when we do it is undeniable that we live in a society that is bankrupting itself on a personal and very physical level that continues to go unrecognised and ignored.

We have so much that seems to confirm our intelligence: phones, tall buildings, smart screens at school, yet children in prep are being treated for anxiety – what is going on?

We have newspapers reporting on people who have begun to take responsibility for their lives – to make choices regarding what they consume and how they live in the most basic ways: sleep, food, exercise, sex – and labelling them a ‘cult’. This from the same newspaper that reports on diets that recommend the same ‘cult practices’ of avoiding dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol, yet does not label the author a ‘cult leader’. What is going on? The same newspaper that reports on sexual and physical abuse labels women who choose to be treated gently and with loving respect by their partners as ‘cult followers’ at the mercy of the “svengali-like sway” of Serge Benhayon. What is going on?

The disgruntled few, the 42 you report, are not to be disrespected. There is real pain in the man concerned for his 7 year old daughter and for his wife who has made changes to her life in response to what she came to know about herself through Universal Medicine. Yet there is more to these 42 stories that no newspaper has yet sought to truly investigate. Equally, there is more to the stories of the ‘2000 mainly female followers’, not to mention the many men who the press leave invisible, whose lives have been and continue to be enriched.

It would be of great benefit to have these stories told, for they offer what the medical world has been asking for (see your own paper’s story about the surgeon who is calling for licensing hours to be reduced in response to the horrific casualties he attends to, including the bashing and glassing from people under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol); that is, simply asking that people live responsibly for their own wellbeing.

Instead, we have your paper using the word ‘cult’ to describe people who have adopted practices of self-care and self responsibility, labelling them by definition of the word ‘cult’ as abnormal or bizarre.

131 thoughts on “Letter to The Courier Mail: What is Going on?

  1. More and more I realise that the media is biased towards some agenda or another. When logically explained like this, a paper advertising a diet then slamming it the next moment that makes no sense. But it does make sense when trashing the truth becomes a key motivation.

  2. Adrienne thank you so much for your contribution, I so hear what you are saying.
    It is super sad when people who have changed there lives for the better in many simple loving and practical ways are then told they are in cult. Super hypocritical I feel.

  3. “Instead, we have your paper using the word ‘cult’ to describe people who have adopted practices of self-care and self responsibility,” And so the insidiousness craziness continues and the world continues to lose out.

  4. Discerntment comes from the choice to see the truth without reaction. It doesn’t matter how someone wants to manipulate it to not feel what it brings or to make profit from confusion. In the end of the day as in the beginning, the truth will remain clear to everyone.

  5. Sadly, still today 6 years on the media print the words and decisions founded from the opinion of a disgruntled few whilst arrogantly denying the voice and living proof of thousands who to this day are still powering and going from strength to strength as a result of being inspired by The Way of The Livingness. I am one that can vouch for this and can also feel that we as a humanity are not willing to accept the responsibility of what is called for when we are presented with the truth and it absoluteness.

  6. It is amazing that the world is talking about all those loving teachings as abnormal and yet are placing advertisements about alcohol and drugs. It shows how much we live in a lie and it is up to us to wake up.

  7. Through out time history has shown us that men of great integrity and truth have forces stand against them to oppose and bastardise their very clear message. No different in this situation ultimately is is truth against a very sinister plot to not let the truth be known.

    1. So well said Sam – and it is this the inspires me to live and stand for what I know true for as we can see if we are willing, it is living truth and love that is lacking in our world today.

  8. It ought to be a crime to print lies. It does way more harm than we care to realise in society and it is absolutely and undeniably irresponsible to do so.

  9. I applaud you sending this mail to this newspaper Adrienne. It inspires me to also do the same when papers or any media write about things or people in a way that is not truthful. The example you gave is hilarious, as they are even contradicting themselves. How consistent is a newspaper then?

  10. It does seem crazy to be questioning a diet without caffeine, sugar, gluten when we are suffering as a society from the worse obesity statistics ever – and they are getting worse! This is despite all medicine knows and warns us of regarding lifestyle choices. Perhaps someone needs to study these families and kids and see what’s different and allowing them to go against the statistical trends.

  11. Yes, the media has to change how they carry on, at the same time we need to look at what is being reflected to us, what do we need to be more responsible for in our lives?

  12. We have come to accept a way of living as being normal and when a man in the name of Serge Benhayon comes along and questions the norm he is attacked for it. Surely it would make much more sense to channel energy into something productive such as looking at our own lives and what is going on rather than focusing on another or something that is ‘out there?’

  13. To seek changes in how the media dishes up articles which are less than honest we need to start closer to home, and take a look are where we are dishonoring in our own lives. In other words we must be the change we want to see in our media and in our world.

  14. “….we have your paper using the word ‘cult’ to describe people who have adopted practices of self-care and self responsibility, labelling them by definition of the word ‘cult’ as abnormal or bizarre.” Yet mainstream media is now catching up with the notion how lifestyle change can help patients with their illnesses. A few doctors in the UK even have a TV programme, showing how by going into peoples’ houses and supporting them, they can get off their meds with simple diet, exercise and sleep changes.

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