A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…

by Golnaz Shariatzadeh, United Kingdom

A Letter to the Editor of The Courier Mail: A response to a recent article – “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

In a society…

  • Where the rate of illness and disease is forever increasing,
  • Where I am forever hearing people say they are exhausted,
  • Where it is accepted to drink although your body throws it up,
  • Where it is accepted to smoke, although the initial response of the body before it became numb was to violently cough,
  • Where it is accepted to eat anything, although we feel bloated, lethargic or wired-up afterwards,
  • Where it is accepted to act in a way that damages our body, and we are proud to ‘defeat’ the body’s limitations, although we would never be as disregarding to our car or another prized item,
  • Where people are so numb to their feelings that they are happy to win at the expense of another, and not feel the bad taste in their mouths,
  • Where people are so used to drowning their heart with the voice in their head, that they will harm and even kill others as long as some convenient ‘justified reason’ is provided for the fight,
  • Where pornography has become a norm, to an extent that it is easily accessed by anyone, and even school kids are experiencing peer pressure to get involved,
  • Where people have given up on the innocent joy and the immense love of everyone they might have had when young – to the extent that it is deemed stupid to even try,

… I am astounded that instead of following up any of the headings above – to bring more light and clarity to the predicament our world is in – your article sets about to discredit a group of people who are trying to explore and experiment in their own lives to find another way.

Even if your negative comments and innuendos were true, which they are not, the endeavours of anyone to bring a welcome change to the ridiculous life we have created on our planet merits your support, not your undermining.

I feel personally undermined in my endeavours: I am someone who has always, even before I encountered Universal Medicine, looked for ways of helping the world, and finding ways of having a more harmonious life for myself and for everyone around me. I feel betrayed that you have taken it upon yourself to portray Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in any light other than the integrity, caring and honouring nature unfailingly demonstrated by them, and with which your own interview was undoubtedly treated. And I feel your portrayal of women in your article akin to that of mindless simpletons that blindly follow what someone tells them; and your mocking their choice to honour themselves, and discourage dishonouring behaviour, is shocking and distasteful.

Finally, let me reflect the beliefs I witness demonstrated by your article:


  • Acceptable to fish for stories by looking at other stories and have a pre-conceived agenda for the story before doing any interviews.
  • Commendable to write in a way that knowingly misleads and causes emotional response.
  • Deemed enough to interview both sides as a show of impartiality, but not represent both sides fairly.
  • Does not matter if innocent people are harmed and vilified as long as copies/hits targets are achieved.
  • Responses to the article will not all get printed, and those printed do not need to get printed in their entirety, so it is acceptable to not be accountable for the article one writes.
  • It is ok to drown out the bad taste in one’s mouth from this way of living by numbing oneself with overwork, or drinking it all away under the guise of relaxing.

84 thoughts on “A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…

  1. Thank you for speaking up Golnaz. Your words brings order and Truth.
    Something that I always received from Serge Benhayon is the inspiration to trust in my sensitivity. We have been taught to rely on the outside, to obey rules…and so on, but thanks to my experience with Universal Medicine I could get inspired to honour what I can feel in my body. It speaks so clear and recognizes very well when someone is consistent and honest in his/her daily life. There’s a lot to appreciate from this man who presents another way to live the amazing opportunity this life actually is.

  2. Innocent people have long been harmed from the media’s acts of senselessness and pure irresponsibility and do they care – no is the answer yet we the people continue to buy and support such cruelty.
    Only when the people stop demanding blood thirsty entertainment and stimulation will the media stop delivering it.

  3. History has shown us there is great evil in hearsay and media companies who act with no integrity are the spoken word of such malice.

  4. “Does not matter if innocent people are harmed and vilified as long as copies/hits targets are achieved.” yes and this form of evil has been around for too long. The media throughout the world have so much to answer for when it comes not getting there facts right, blame and in-sighting hatred.

  5. Thank you Golnaz for exposing the corruption at the heart of this type of journalism which has continued and got worse in the years since you wrote this letter. It is only when we stand up to this bullying behaviour of someone with their own agenda trying to portray someone as other than they are for their own gain that things will start to change and if we stay silent then we are complicit in the lies that are being expressed.

  6. Most journalists are well aware of the fact that the news operates in an inherently corrupt manner. Lies are the order of the day. Your letter reminds me that it is important to say no to this and express truth even in the face of complete disinterest in the truth.

  7. Thank you Golnaz for highlighting the unacceptable practises of journalism, we really need to stop supporting this kind of reporting by not buying their papers.

  8. The Courier Mail lied and betrayed its readers, they choose not to print the truth, thank you Golnaz for sharing your experience and saying it how it is. Truth will always out live any lie.

    1. Very true Sam. I knew the Courier Mail was a sham before they ran these vile articles. Their approach to covering this story simply confirmed how low these journalists are willing to go to make a dollar. A gross misuse of the responsibility journalists have to seek and report Truth.

  9. if the people who write such denigrating comments showed me – by their way of living — that they were as healthy, vibrant and loving as students of The Way of The Livingness, then they may have a case. This does not seem to be so. A loving caring person could not write such hateful articles.

  10. Always when we meet beauty there are some, who try to bring it down as there is an addiction to have a missery life.
    Like we are in boxes, we live in away that we made to belief is true even deep down we very well know that it is all a big lie.
    Thanks to People like Serge Behanyon the light shines on a different way which is for all available and chosen already by thousands of people effecting many people around them.

    1. We are so used to numb the origin and result of our choices (that is what really gives us the suffering we live in) that it’s easy to point out as a lie something different that reflects us another way of living. There is so much comfort and reaction behind it, by not accepting that we are the makers of what we live.

  11. The profession as a journalist has become as many profesions, not done and worked with integrity.
    people now a days just seem to work to get their money to hapve their life in comfort
    And all values of life are disappearing into the personal needs for satisfaction.

    1. Living life with integrity is expressed in all aspects of our lives as demonstrated by Serge Benhayon and this is what some react to as it exposes that their own life is built on comfort and lies.

  12. Great renounciation of what is going on in this blog.The world is put up side down in how we are with each other.
    lets be open here and simple. To make up stories about a person and write about it in a newspaper is very abusive and should be treated like that by law.
    My life and that of many others is changed in such a great way by becoming a student of Universal Medicine. Very confronting it was to look at all my behaviors how i was living dishonoring to myself and others and how great it is to feel love within me once again.
    I say: journalist go on one of the course and take responsibility about your behavior as we learn here as students.

  13. It should be of grave concern to us all that there are journalists out there who have such blatant disregard for the truth and clearly have their own agenda which they promote with sensationalist headlines whilst ignoring anything that does not fit in with their version. This is not true reporting and in the intervening years since this letter was written there is an ever greater need to address this issue. Thank you Golnaz for standing up for truth.

  14. Reporters and Journalists need to start writing truth and not get off on lies and innuendos just to sell a paper or magazine with those eye catching one liners, and they also should be held accountable for possibly destroying someone’s life/career in the process.

  15. Why are we maligning those who are living relationships based on decency and respect when the statistics of 1 woman each week is killed as the result of domestic violence?

  16. In light of the ugly snapshot that is society today, and to then add to it through an article such as this that through it’s circulation indeed offers some deeply misguided beliefs of what is acceptable and commendable… it is nothing short of deeply irresponsible.

  17. I agree, it is just astonishing that those who are taking responsibility for their own part in seeking (successfully I might add) another healthier and more loving way to live are so ridiculed by those who who by definition seek irresponsibility in every way. Why? What’s it to them? Are they not free to do as they please? Why should that not apply to everyone without persecution?

  18. It never fails to amaze me when paper print rubbish and get away with it. It also bewilders me that people take offense at other people taking good care of themselves by committing crimes like going to bed early, eating real food rather than a over sugared, over salted high carbohydrate diet, and abstaining from recreational drugs and alcohol

  19. What comes to mind after reading your blog Golnaz is the saying “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story? In pondering on this, it is deeply concerning that sections of our media do operate from this and what the effects are on people when they find themselves subject to this. All of our media have a great responsibility to investigate stories and then present what they find, not an opinion or a one sided view. It is about presenting the truth.

  20. It is a shame that the newspapers have generally lost the art of true reporting, this article and a string of other copy cats that followed have had an impact on my daily life. They paint a yucky picture and are enough to make people weary about a company that has life changing results. Not to mention they encourage bigotry and innuendo to poison small towns. Luckily I am such a strong business woman, amazing mother and active community member but even with all of that I feel like I have to prove to people I meet that I am “normal” because of the gossip that has now spread due to this irresponsible “reporting”.

    1. Ah and what a trick that is (I can relate)! Because playing normal is just playing along in the game we have created, where mothers are exhausted, business owners too & community members are completely singled out and there is no community really… so perhaps you are not “normal” but who would want to be?

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