A Woman Versus a True Woman

by Priscila, UK

“What does it mean to be a woman? And what does it mean to be a true woman?”

When I first attended an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) talk, I couldn’t understand why the women were talking about being a ‘woman’. I couldn’t understand – how could a woman find it difficult to be a woman?

Up until that moment I considered myself a ‘super woman’, in all senses. Having grown up in Brazil where appearances count a lot, I got used to doing all the girlie things: I would have my nails done regularly, take good care of my skin and hair (dermatologist consultations three times a year!), wear make-up, do exercise to show a toned and fit body, dress in a very feminine way, wearing skirts, dresses, accessories, high heels…

I was also a ‘super woman’ in all other aspects of my life: very efficient, a great housewife, intelligent, well educated, successful, friendly, very dedicated to my family and friends… but interestingly, even ticking all the boxes of the ‘super woman’, I was still trying to better myself (physically, emotionally, professionally) – it was never enough. Continue reading “A Woman Versus a True Woman”

‘To Make Love or Have Sex?’ – One Man’s Experience

In our first ever post by a male author, Naren Duffy explores the difference between sex and love-making. Writing this frank and honest is rare indeed. A must read for all women (and men).  

by Naren Duffy, UK

‘Sex’. What power a little three-letter word can have! Chances are that many people who read this will have had their interest piqued simply because of the word ‘sex’ in the title of this post. It is amazing to me that such a little word can bring such a huge range of emotions and reactions within us. Of course, it is not the word that has this power, but the power we give to it that makes it powerful. It is what sex has come to mean to us in the world we live in that brings up such a huge range of responses in us. From titillation to disgust, and everything in between.

But what about ‘making love’? Is it the same as ‘sex’? Describing the physical act, ‘sex’ and ‘making love‘ are often used interchangeably. But are they really the same? Even just saying ‘making love’, it is pretty clear that there is something more going on than just sex. The words themselves when compared to each other are like completely different concepts. Sex as a word is punchy, short, terse. It just is sex. It does what it says on the box. No more, no less.

‘Making love’, however, has the potential to mean so much more. Continue reading “‘To Make Love or Have Sex?’ – One Man’s Experience”

Letter to The Courier Mail: What is Going on?

by Adrienne Hutchins (nee Ryan), B.Ed, QLD, Australia

I would like to share a letter I sent to the Courier Mail in response to their weekend article…

Reading your article “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families” (Courier Mail Saturday 8-9 September 2012), I was disappointed to see the slandering of Serge Benhayon and such a bias towards the disgruntled few, in light of the many MEN and women throughout the world whose lives have been deeply enriched by the simple presentations of Serge and Universal Medicine.

Ironically, it was in your paper last weekend where I read of not one, but three diets to support people to bring back their vitality, energy and quality of life ­– all of which recommended removing or reducing sugar, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and dairy from the diet, and which advocated getting regular exercise and rest.

I say ‘bring back’, because as children, for the majority, this vitality and energy is natural. What happens to us as we grow older (and supposedly wiser and more intelligent) that leaves us needing fixes – caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, adrenalin rushes, music, TV, computer games, porn etc. – to pull us through the day, or reward us at the end of it? Continue reading “Letter to The Courier Mail: What is Going on?”

Letter to the Courier Mail: I am Left with a Number of Questions

by P.F., Australia

After reading your article “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”, I am left with a number of questions.

Firstly: Why weren’t some of the doctors and specialists mentioned asked why they might refer people to Universal Medicine? There could possibly be a story in that. Not a sensational ‘brainwashed devotees’ type story but a story that might actually provide people with some useful information that could make a difference in their lives. After all, we have a crisis in our healthcare system. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, breast cancer is occurring in women in their 20’s and cancer rates in general are one person in three. Serge Benhayon does not claim that he can cure anything, what he does do is present a way of living responsibly that could definitely impact positively on people’s lives including their health. Continue reading “Letter to the Courier Mail: I am Left with a Number of Questions”

A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

by Sarah Cloutier, VIC, Australia

To the Editor – Courier Mail / News.com.au / Perth Now / News Corporation

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

As General Manager of a film and television company in Melbourne, I expect a level of commitment from my team to research and investigate new technology to ensure we have all our facts straight before proceeding with any commitment that could impact on the success of the business.

As the Editor/s, and manager/s of a team of journalists, and a member of a national news network, I am surprised that neither yourself, Josh Robertson or Liam Walsh, did any real investigation or research into Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; and as such you call into question the true intelligence of women such as myself – and in fact, all women.

Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women?? Continue reading “A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth”

A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…

by Golnaz Shariatzadeh, United Kingdom

A Letter to the Editor of The Courier Mail: A response to a recent article – “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

In a society…

  • Where the rate of illness and disease is forever increasing,
  • Where I am forever hearing people say they are exhausted,
  • Where it is accepted to drink although your body throws it up,
  • Where it is accepted to smoke, although the initial response of the body before it became numb was to violently cough,
  • Where it is accepted to eat anything, although we feel bloated, lethargic or wired-up afterwards,
  • Where it is accepted to act in a way that damages our body, and we are proud to ‘defeat’ the body’s limitations, although we would never be as disregarding to our car or another prized item,
  • Where people are so numb to their feelings that they are happy to win at the expense of another, and not feel the bad taste in their mouths,
  • Where people are so used to drowning their heart with the voice in their head, that they will harm and even kill others as long as some convenient ‘justified reason’ is provided for the fight,
  • Where pornography has become a norm, to an extent that it is easily accessed by anyone, and even school kids are experiencing peer pressure to get involved,
  • Where people have given up on the innocent joy and the immense love of everyone they might have had when young – to the extent that it is deemed stupid to even try, Continue reading “A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: In a Society…”