Cervical Cancer at 19 to True Health at 40

When at age 19 Nicole Serafin was diagnosed with a form of cervical cancer she knew her life was potentially in danger. Today at 40 years old she reflects on how she came to do much more than survive her cancer scare and how she subsequently chose to deeply heal the way she was living. Originally published at the Truth about Universal Medicine blog we include it here because of its great relevance to women’s health and wellbeing. A must read for all women, this article also raises interesting questions about the validity of a purely genetic understanding in our view of the generational effects of illness and disease.

by Nicole Serafin

At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with CIN3 (also called carcinoma in situ or stage 0 cervical cancer) the highest level of cell changes that can occur before there is invasion into deeper tissues. As such it was imperative to have it treated before it progressed further and became invasive.

I had no symptoms that I knew of, and had been for a regular check-up at my local doctor when she asked if I had ever had a pap smear. Being 19, I thought that was something that older people had. She explained to me that it was not an age thing, so I decided to have one. I did not think anything of it at the time, not expecting to hear another word about it.

I soon received a call from the surgery telling me I had to come straight in. My test results were positive and my doctor had made an appointment for me to go and see a specialist that morning. I went on to have numerous laser operations to remove the advanced precancerous cells on my cervix, as well as having three laparoscopies.

At the age of 25, I was told that I would not be able to have children due to the amount of scarring on my cervix and the cells that continued to regrow. The doctor suggested that if I wanted children, to try straight away and to have at least one as the chances of me conceiving let alone being able to carry to full term were slim.

At that time, my partner and I were not in a great place. I had my own business, I worked six days a week and did not feel that my life at the time was the sort of life I wanted to bring a child into.

Then again at age 28 I required more surgery for multiple ovarian cysts that had ruptured.  The doctors wanted to give me a hysterectomy due to the presence of all the cysts combined with my previous history.

It was a shock and the surgery was something I did not want. So I got on a plane to Sydney to see my specialist who was still treating me, so that he could go in one more time and see what could be done.

My specialist listened to what I felt and promised to only look during that surgery, as I was scared they would just go ahead with the hysterectomy if they found too much going on. After the operation, he came to me to explain that the doctors who had treated me for my cysts at home were correct, and I should consider going further with the operation. I asked him to give me three months to make some changes in my life and see what happened.

My family was not happy with the choice I made. They told me it was in my genes – my grandmother had had a hysterectomy, as had my aunty, and my mother had a lot of problems in her reproductive area as well. However, I knew if there was the slightest possibility I could change things, then I had to give it a go. I had been living my life under an enormous amount of pressure. I was in a dysfunctional relationship and was constantly pushing myself and my body, past the point that it could cope with. I knew that my illness was a result of the choices that I had been making and that I had to start looking at those choices and begin to make some changes.

A client had given me a card of a practitioner they felt would be able to support me in what was going on. At first I was sceptical, but after my first visit with Serge Benhayon I walked out knowing that my life as it was, was not it, and that it all had to change. Not because of what he told me to do, but through what I could feel in me… a knowingness of my own.

I had finally been met in full for who I truly was. There was no expectation for me to be anything other than me, and from that there was no going back. I could no longer ignore the way I was living. The denial had been huge, I just did not realise how much I had been living in the avoidance of self.

From there I had more sessions with Serge and went along to the workshops and courses Serge and Universal Medicine were presenting. These courses, workshops and sessions helped me to be able to feel the lovelessness and disregard I had been living in all my life.

Not only did it help me to feel this, but it also allowed me to connect to the awesomeness that I am. My inner heart had been yearning for me to reconnect to myself and allow myself to live from my inner self: to live from a love that is known and felt by all; for me to just be me, without all the ideals and expectations I had taken on throughout my life. It was time for me to take responsibility for my actions and choices and to stop blaming everyone and everything else for why my life was the way that it was.

I came to realise and understand that there was no way that my body would be able to continue to live in such a way without something happening. My illness was a way of my body saying, “Hey, I can’t do this anymore and my subtle hints are not working so here, have this”. I began to change, not only my diet, but also my relationship, my work ethics and my sleep patterns, going to bed before 9pm and taking the time to nurture myself whenever I could.

All of the changes that I was making in my life came naturally, as once I allowed myself to feel what was needed, the rest followed. The support of Serge Benhayon, and Kate Greenaway, a physiotherapist who had started working with Serge at the clinic, made it easier for me to keep being honest with myself about where I was at and what was needed. Never did they judge me for the choices I had made or was making, and sometimes the choices I made were not as supportive of myself as they could have been. They were only ever loving, offering a level of support I’d never before come across.

To cope with the stress of life, I had years before begun to smoke marijuana – it helped me to check out of what was going on around me. Every time things got too much, I would turn to a joint and hope it would all sort itself out and go away. I did not allow myself to eat properly, living on fresh juices and small amounts of solid foods, so my weight was extremely low.

I gave up smoking marijuana and began to eat solid foods. I started with six small meals a day as my digestive system was not used to it and at first it was a struggle. In a way, it was a blessing to re-introduce foods in this way because I could feel exactly how certain foods made me feel. I found that foods that contained gluten or wheat made me feel heavy, bloated and tired and that dairy would make me congested and that both of them together would give me extreme stomach cramps.

I gradually introduced foods into my diet that allowed me to feel what my body needed rather than eat just for the sake of eating. My diet was one of salads, vegetables, lamb, fresh fruit, nuts and grains. I could feel the change in my body, the clarity of my thoughts and the willingness to deal with whatever came my way.

I began to realise I had been living in such a way that my body felt very hard, and generally, I felt disconnected from myself and that there was no way that I could ever deal with anything. I had chosen to completely check out from life and my illness was showing me just that.

I was not living in gentleness and I certainly was not nurturing of myself, or my body.

I came to realise that I needed to let myself feel the consequences of the choices that I had made in my life and deal with what I had created. I had begun to feel, through being more aware of my ovaries and my breasts, that I was not living in the stillness of what being a woman was all about. Instead, I was living in a hardness that I used to get by in life and get things done – at any cost.

My body was showing me that I needed to be aware of the choices that I made and to deal with whatever came up. To be accepting of myself, and my body, and to love myself for who I was. Loving and accepting myself did not feel like it came naturally to me. I was very hard on myself, feeling that I was never enough and that I always had to do and be more. I always felt that I needed to prove myself, seeking acceptance from my family and those around me.

Connecting to myself, my breasts and my body allowed me to feel that I was enough, that it was OK for me to be gentle, to be vulnerable and to ask for help if I needed it. I was now able to make choices based on what I needed to support myself in that loveliness and to be the amazing woman I truly am. By allowing myself to connect to my body I could feel the yumminess I already had inside of me, that I didn’t need anyone else to confirm that I was great, I could confirm that for myself by just stopping and feeling me… and there was no better feeling than that yumminess within.

My doctor was sceptical when I said I wanted to try for a baby and warned me of the complications that could arise. I was prepared to give it a go and went ahead with my life, constantly being aware of what changes I needed to make to continue to support me, continuing with my sessions when I felt the need.

Just before we conceived our first child I went back to my specialist in Sydney for a check-up. He was amazed at the transformation. My cervix had no signs of any scarring from the surgeries that I had had in the past, and there were no longer the advanced precancerous changes in the cells. All he had to say was, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it… I can’t see there being any problems from what has been occurring thus far”.

I went on to have a daughter, which was the most amazing experience – having an awesome, trouble-free pregnancy, birth and baby. She has been a true inspiration for what is possible if you just allow yourself the time to connect to who you are and what you are capable of. I am now pregnant with our second baby and so far the pregnancy has been the same. No cravings, morning sickness, pains, bloating, excess weight gain or discomfort.

My body has now been clear for 11 years, no more cancerous changes in the cells of my cervix and I have had no further surgery or treatments apart from attending on-going courses, treatments and retreats through Universal Medicine. I have not had to go back to my specialist for over five years now, opting to have my regular pap smears through the local hospital, all of which have come back negative.

I am still aware that I need to treat my body in a way that will continue to support it in what is needed, and if that means it needs the support of mainstream medicine also, then so be it. For me it was a combination of both mainstream and Esoteric Medicine that lead me to the life that I am now able to embrace and live fully.

If it were not for the two working together, then I am certain my outcome and life would be a very different story.

My body needed the medical treatments it received in order to clear it on a physical level, and the Esoteric Medicine was necessary for me to be able to address issues on a deeper level, and take full responsibility for what was going on that lead me to get an illness in the first place.

My doctor was always very sceptical of whatever it was I was doing, but when he saw the results for himself, he couldn’t argue. He never fully understood what it was that was going on, but he never refused to treat me because of my choices. He only ever remained open to allowing me the time and space I asked for to do what I felt was needed.

I was also very strong in claiming what it was that I wanted to do. I never gave up on what it was that I felt I needed to do in order to get to the root cause of what was going on in my body.

Since I started with Serge and then Kate, Universal Medicine has offered even more modalities, such as Esoteric Breast Massage. This has enabled and supported me to connect to myself as a woman and to live that in every aspect of my life. I now also have Esoteric Ovary Massages with Natalie Benhayon – these provide me the support to feel how I have been living on a daily basis; Esoteric Massage (Curtis Benhayon) lets my body express and release what it is that I have taken on; and Esoteric Chakra-puncture with Michael Benhayon helps to support my body in the true vitality and love that I am.

All of these modalities have shared something different with me: they are the tools that have enabled me to make choices and changes in my life so I can live completely and honestly as who I am.

Now, at age 40, my life is not complete for what I have, but for who I am – and for the loveliness that I can connect to everyday. I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to be shown that there was another way. If I hadn’t become ill, I would have never made the choice to live differently, to live with me in my awesomeness every day – and for that I am truly grateful.

245 thoughts on “Cervical Cancer at 19 to True Health at 40

  1. I love your sharing Nicole, isn’t it amazing the changes that can be initiated when we return to loving ourselves. One line that stood out for me was ‘The denial had been huge, I just did not realise how much I had been living in the avoidance of self’… it’s not until be begin to get a glimpse of our true selves by connecting to our stillness within that we realise just how far we can strayed from our essence. And it’s not until we have a health scare that we realise how we take our bodies for granted.

  2. As I read through your blog again Nicole, this sentence stopped me in my tracks, and I thought wow, now’s there responsibility for you… ‘I came to realise that I needed to let myself feel the consequences of the choices that I had made in my life and deal with what I had created’… if only we realised that all of our life choices come back to us at some point and when we choose to make simple, loving choices throughout our day to nurture ourselves then I am sure that many of todays illnesses can be prevented.

  3. Beautiful to read Nicole, the power and strength you have in changing your life by your choices is amazing and the healing you brought to yourself is very empowering for all to feel. This is a tribute to yourself and the love Serge Benhayon and Esoteric Medicine is bringing to the world.

    1. What Serge Benhayon shares with us is both breath taking and illuminating in as much as it shines a light on the truth of the cause of illness and disease and if esoteric medicine and mainstream medicine, together with lifestyle choices, are chosen, miracles can indeed happen. In fact, they are not really miracles at all, they are just a natural occurrence when we live energetically aligned to our true essence.

  4. Thank you Nicole, your story is a true testament to the power of taking responsibility for the way we choose to live and the effect it can have on our physical body and an appreciation of the benefits of combining the knowledge and skills of conventional medicine with the wisdom of esoteric medicine .

    1. When we realise the power we have to make changes it becomes our responsibility to live up to that, and when we realise this responsibility we become empowered and stop playing a victim to life. I know that I would prefer to ‘take my life in my own hands’ so to speak and take responsibility, than continue living under the illusion that any health problems I may have are hereditary or just something mysterious that happens which appears ‘out of the blue’. All our choices catch up with us in the end.

  5. What you have said here Nicole about the Universal Medicine practitioners never judging the choices we make and sometimes continue to make in spite of how ever many workshops or sessions we may have had. I have only known them to be super supportive which is something I hadn’t come across before either.

    1. For me, knowing that my Universal Medicine practitioner is not going to judge me allows me to be super honest about my choices… then the deeper healing can begin. Pretty unique in this world isn’t it.

  6. Hi Nicole, this a great testimony to how you have honoured your inner knowing and stepped up and take responsibility for your own healing.

    1. If only we all realised the power we hold, the power of who we truly are, miracles would be occurring in every moment. In fact, they would not be classed as miracles, they would be the norm…a normal way of living that would be stupendous beyond our imagination… imagine living like that all of the time!! 😉

  7. Nicole, your story is nothing short of a miracle. How we love to blame our state of health on our genes, but you have shown that we can make dramatic changes if we choose to be more loving with ourselves, and take responsibility for our choices.

  8. Nicole, this is an absolute miracle and an attribute to your commitment to yourself. Many women would have just opted for the operation and not taken the path of looking at the responsibility they had for their health and make the necessary adjustments that you did.

  9. This is a true confirmation of the power our choices have on our physical body. This is the style of research and experiments we should be doing to support cancer patients. Its the type of research that does not cost millions of dollars and can be done by us in our normal daily life. Not with the intention to cure cancer but to empower patients because even if the physical does not change, the way in which you live you life and the relationship you have with yourself can. In this livingness, you can pass over knowing that you will not repeat the same pattern, you will be truly healed. So which ever way taking deep and true care of yourself turns out, it is still a healing.

    1. I agree Sarah, if medical research was prepared to look into what was truly going on with cancer, and any illness and disease for that matter, then maybe things would begin to change. But for this to happen it would take a) an enormous shift in consciousness and b) a level of responsibility as to lifestyle choices that many are not ready to take yet. This is how it appears to me anyway – humanity would rather overeat, overdrink, numb, dull and distract themselves than to deal with their stuff and take responsibility. Thank heavens we have Serge Benhayon and esoteric medicine to reflect to us the truth, and even if it takes hundreds of years to come back to truth, at least we’re on our way. It’s a shame that much suffering is going on when it is all so unnecessary when all we have to do is connect to our bodies and come back to love.

  10. That’s truly remarkable Nicole. What a testimony to responsibility. You cannot wait for life to come to you and make you amazing. If you want love and amazingness that must be lived by and from your body. No other can make it happen unless you choose it. And what really helps is the choice we have of the 9 x Esoteric Modalities to support us back to the sacredness we are. Thank you many need to hear your story of Amazingness!

  11. This is an amazing story of how you turned your life and health around Nicole, the doctors really need to follow up on cases like yours to see what is working, what helps healing and making a true difference. Awesome.

    1. Wouldn’t that be amazing lorrainewellman… doctors following up on cases like Nicole’s. I know of people who would rather take a tablet and keep themselves numb than honestly look at their illness and their lifestyle choices, playing victim to life. One day, when the world reaches crisis point maybe this will change, as it seems that is what the human species loves to do, wait until a crisis and then do something about it. My motto is prevention is better than cure, and thanks to esoteric medicine and Universal Medicine I can take steps to empower myself by my own lifestyle choices down to the very thoughts that I allow in my head.

  12. Amazing sharing Nicole. We can live our lives like everyone does, thinking illness and disease is what happens to us from time to time and some people have more bad luck than others. Deep down we know though that we have a vital role to play in our illnesses and diseases as you shared here so clearly in your blog. This is important to know and a vital part of healing our illnesses and diseases in ways the current form of Western Medicine is not capable of yet. Thank you for sharing this.

  13. What a beautiful powerful honest sharing Nicole thank you your inspiration is amazing.I have loved reading this and the knowing that how we are living is the utmost importance to our health and well being and how powerful the changes we make really does make so much difference .

  14. wow what a blog, thank you for sharing this with us. It is a blessing and, as you say, “my life is not complete for what I have, but for who I am – and for the loveliness that I can connect to everyday.” That is an amazing piece of guidance to offer your children and indeed the world

  15. This is an awesome blog, the changes in health and self awareness through choice is staggering. I also love this…”I allowed myself to feel what was needed, the rest followed.” I am learning that the pictures we have often do not match what occurs in life or what is truly needed. I am finding that I can go so much deeper with this, but that can only come from a surrender to feel my body and honour what it shares.

  16. Wow Nicole, what a life story and what a gift for all women to read, see and feel the power in self responsibility and the developing relationship with your body and your self! This is a resurrection story; a coming back to life and appreciation of the beautiful tender woman you are and now reflect to others. Brilliant.

  17. This for me is huge when you can look at your life and see that it is not working and that something needs to change, to admit that you are ready to take responsibility for your actions, rather than burying them and pretending everything is okay and then relying on food or alcohol to keep the feelings numb.

  18. Nicole, your blog is a true testament to the fact that western medicine and esoteric medicine complement each other to support the healing of the ill condition both on the physical level and on the energetic level.

  19. What is great about this blog is that you knew yourself that things had to change and sometimes we just need some support to make those changes because it feels to big to do it on our own. And I admire your honesty when you honestly say the illness was a result of the choices you had been making and you felt it was time to change. So often in these situations it is easier to play the blame game and become a victim.

  20. This is a truly amazing story Nicole. The way you describe your life and the disregard you had for your body before your diagnosis of CIN3 cells in your cervix pretty much sums up the lives of many, so is there no wonder that the rates of cancer such as cervical, ovarian and breast are on the rise. Our body knows how to bring it back to a state of harmony if we listen to the signals, and if we listen to the subtle ones then maybe it wouldn’t have to shout back so loud! Congratulations of turning the situation around, it is something akin to a miracle, yet everyday miracles can occur if we begin to love and trust our bodies innate wisdom.

  21. Nicole you are a living miracle and an example of what is possible if we are willing to take responsibility for our previous choices, do the necessary healing and move forward leaving the past behind and embracing the future in full.

  22. What a story, it is truly amazing what you have been through, it brakes every ideal we might have of genetic disposition and the bravery that you show in trusting that you knew exactly what to do in order to make the shifts in your life is remarkable. Most people would be so fearful of the illness they might not be able to make such solid changes under pressure and opt for what ever the doctor was recommending in order to minimise risk to their own health. What you boldly stood by was you inner knowing,truely the stuff of miracles. Now a mother of 3 beautiful children, it really does brake all the rules of what was told you were capable of.

  23. A must read for all women! Beautifully written Nicole and amazing results all coming about because you chose to make changes in your life and trusted yourself and those amazing Universal Medicine Practitioners and your own Doctors! To be living the quality of life that you now describe is testament to your loving care for yourself.

  24. Our body is an amazing source of truth, it reflects all the choices we make and can lead us to reevaluate the choices we have been making through the illness and disease it offers us, which then opens the door for us to make more loving choices.

  25. It can come as quite a shock to realise that what we thought was a healthy body was in fact not so healthy at all and in danger of becoming seriously ill due to our choices. This happened to me too and it certainly brought me down to earth with a bump. Turning it around I saw it as a blessing and decided from that moment onwards to make different choices starting with the way I took care of myself and also the quality behaviour towards myself which also had an equally detrimental affect on my body as what food I ate, what time I went to bed and my level of exercise. For me, being honest with myself is a big part of self-healing, because without it how can we truly call out what is not true? Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been an amazing support to me to Nicole, and I often ask myself where would I be now without them, doesn’t bear thinking about does it!

  26. An incredible sharing Nicole. Faced with a serious diagnosis, family pressure you and prognosis that you would not have children, you stayed with your innate knowing and proved them all wrong. With the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners, you trusted you, that your body would heal itself with tender and loving care from yourself.

  27. I had an experience with CIN3 cell changes nearly two years ago (I’m 57 now), and thought the same as you, that I would hear no more about it. It came as quite a shock with the results came through, it made me realise how complacent I had become and how I had taken my body for granted. But what an opportunity! After I had a rather invasive and painful procedure and got the all clear I stopped judging myself for my past behaviour and chose to deepen the level of self-love and self-care I began to re-kindle my relationship with body and this included my cervix, a small but incredible piece of my anatomy that had gone unnoticed until then! It is thanks to, not only the esoteric healing modalities, but to the sacred movement which has supported me re-connecting to body and deepening my level of awareness to what is really going inside that very sacred area of my body.

  28. What an amazing story Nicole. It shows that our bodies are alive and responsive to our every choice, in every moment, and they will reflect the level of self-care we have chosen… or not. What an awesome turnaround for you, from going from a potentially disease ridden life to a vibrant, healthy woman and mother. The esoteric healing modalities are to be celebrated but the real power comes from ourselves and the ability we have to heal on all levels through our choices.

  29. I love your comment “i had been met in full for who i truly was.” i love how this was honoured by you and deeply appreciated- it huge, we can go our whole lives without being met- and we say we are from an advanced species?

  30. Nicole the way you have chosen to change and live your life through a deeper connection to your inner self is absolutely amazing. You are living proof that once we decide to claim our own bodies and nurture and care for ourselves as we should, all the rest will unfold naturally so.

  31. Amazing blog Nicole. I have read it before and I am appreciating your inspiring choices to change your life around. Your blog could change someone’s life. You inspire women who are choosing to live with hardness and drive to see that there is another way. Your ability to heal your body was incredible and this blog should be shared with as many women as possible.

  32. How many people in your situation would just have removed the organ and carried on exactly the same as before, blaming it on genetics? Probably the fair majority. The fact that you where willing to look and see that maybe how you lived could have been effecting your health is an amazing step to take, and the modern day miracle that occurred in the turn around of your health shows how worth it it is to look beyond the story of genetics and consider lifestyle choices.

    1. I agree Rebecca, this is so true. By blaming our illness on genetics allows us to not take responsibility for our choices. This blog reveals how our lifestyle choices and the way we live is a huge contributor to our illness and disease.

  33. Re reading this blog, it is never not inspiring to hear your story and the miracle that occurred, not from divine intervention, but your choices to change the way you lived and how your treated yourself. How often do we see it as out of our control, due to genetics and bad luck, or see the cancer as the bad guy, the evil thing trying to ruin your life. What you realised was that you where the writer of your own story and that included the cancer – and equally you had the opportunity to re write the ending, to take responsibility for your choices and begin to make new ones.

  34. I loved reading this again. So moving and inspiring. What so strongly resonated for me in particular this time is, “I had finally been met in full for who I truly was. There was no expectation for me to be anything other than me,” This is such a powerful experience when this happens after living years without that occurring.

  35. What a beautiful sharing Nicole, you are a role model for all women and men dealing with illness and disease, as well as for all of us who consider ourselves healthy. Responsibility for our health is a true way forward.

  36. ‘I began to realise I had been living in such a way that my body felt very hard, and generally, I felt disconnected from myself and that there was no way that I could ever deal with anything. I had chosen to completely check out from life and my illness was showing me just that.’ It is amazing how our body can bring us to a stop, giving us the opportunity to change our choices.

  37. ‘ A must read for all women, this article also raises interesting questions about the validity of a purely genetic understanding in our view of the generational effects of illness and disease.’ Nicole this is definitely a must read, it covers many things, and it is beautiful to read your very honest account of your experience, and how our choices play a part in both our illnesses and our healing.

  38. This is a beautiful blog that shows how western medicine and the esoteric healing therapies can support each other in true healthcare. One phrase that particularly caught me this morning was: ‘The denial had been huge, I just did not realise how much I had been living in the avoidance of self.’ I think this is true for many of us – we blat on through life without due care for our bodies, until we get a medical scare such as you had that wakes us up to the need for some true self-care.

  39. Nicole I have really enjoyed coming back to your very inspirational story. There is a wealth of gold here for women to understand about the very real communication between the body, our daily choices, and the way we feel about ourselves. Today for me I really took home the gem of valuing who I am and feeling enough in that, as opposed to what I do. I can still feel a lot of nervousness and stress daily from this need to “do” to prove myself. It’s a huge process coming back to the simplicity of who I am being enough.

  40. What a before and after story here Nicole! No wonder doctors and others are scratching their heads in wonder because the change around that you are describing are certainly not the norm. What you have shown is that it’s never too late to make changes in our lives and to allow complementary medicine to work in sync with Western medicine for optimal results.

  41. There is I feel no ‘just getting by in life’ because sooner or later there is a revealing of truth shared with us from our bodies to how we have been truly living – which shows itself in many ways, some more obvious than others. As in your case Nicole you ‘never gave up on what it was you felt you needed to do in order to get to the root cause of what was going on in your body’ this in itself speaks volumes as to the healing ability of the body when choosing to take back responsibility for all our lived choices and being open to the amazing support that is available. An amazing, inspirational sharing Nicole thank you.

  42. Making choices from what our body shares shows a real commitment to responsibility for ourselves. Allowing the space for real loving changes to be made is awesome Nicole. Very inspiring for all and it shows how combining western medicine and esoteric healing can be a brilliant combo for life.

  43. Through reading your amazing journey Nicole what really rang out clear was your consistency to stay with what you felt and how in tune you were with your body. It was not a matter of trying to take everything on yourself but allowing for full support of what was offered both with medical intervention and the Esoteric Healing modalities It was no coincidence I feel that Serge Benhayon came into your life and all the Esoteric Healing modalities that became available. You made a very self-loving choice, a beautiful gift to yourself to change your old ways and patterns of behaviour.

  44. This is an amazing sharing! I myself feel very blessed for having discovered Universal Medicine and it’s many healing modalities too. After connecting with my body in a way that I never have before, I am discovering that the way that I live and the choices I make, strongly affect my body. I stopped eating gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar and drinking coffee and tea, for a few months, except on the odd occasion when I just couldn’t resist and what I found was that not only did gluten and wheat make me feel bloated and tired, but I also got pains in my ovaries like period cramps and my breasts became very swollen and sore, when I ate anything with them in, such as cakes, bread and biscuits. Dairy made me feel sick and sugar made me feel like I had drank 10 tonnes of caffeine and could not stay with myself in conscious presence, no matter how hard I tried. This has become very important to me as well, because I find the more I can stay with myself during a day, the more amazing I feel. I make much more self-loving choices, I eat better and with the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation I have even started to sleep more peacefully. Thank you to Serge Benhayon and all the wonderful practitioners with Universal Medicine.

  45. Re-reading this blog Nicole, I’m struck again by just how you stayed with what you felt… even when the medical profession was saying ‘its easiest to do this’ you were able to listen to your own feelings and trust that. To find Serge at the right time, to recognise that the way you were living was having a huge impact, and to then have the chutzpah to make those changes are nothing short of miraculous… except of course that this is what is available to all of us if we are but willing to pay attention to how we are feeling and what is truly going on.

  46. The changes that you have made Nicole to how you live and the effects that this has had on your health is no short of a miracle. Through Esoteric Women’s Health I have come to understand what it means to live as a true woman and the impact that it has on our body when we disregard the stillness, beauty and preciousness that is innately who we are.

  47. Beautiful to read what lifestyle changes on all levels can do. I hope doctors are hearing this story too and will at least consider other options because of it.

    1. That will be the next step for doctors and people facing illness and disease. It may take a while but what Nicole has shared her is so valuable for doctors and scientists, but first and foremost for people in everyday life. If the doctors are unwilling, we can still empower ourselves and show them another way of dealing with and understanding illness and disease.

  48. This is an incredible story, if I was that doctor I would have wanted to know what you were doing and investigate it if only for the benefit of others.

    1. Yes my feelings exactly Vicky. I would of wanted to know a lot more of what and how this amazing turnaround of events came about. So all the other patients could also make a choice of taking responsibility for the way they are living. Now this incredible journey of your Nicole is in print perhaps doctors out there will take note.

    2. Considering the push for cures to serious illnesses (such as cancer) from behind a microscope, I would have though that something as miraculous as Nicole’s complete recovery would have triggered further investigation. It would have been truly scientific to explore this. I feel that collectively we want to play dumb. We isolate the disease and it’s characteristics, work with studying the body exclusively as causative, and ignore the lifestyle factors. We perhaps want to “have our cake and eat it too” by seeking cures yet ignoring the self destructive and indulgent way we live via our everyday choices.

    3. Yes Vicky, if I was a doctor I would want to know too, but the same counts for any one of us who does not understand the root of any illness, disease or lack of wellbeing we are facing.

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